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    Affordable Ductless Mini Split Systems in Los Angeles, California

    What Is a Mini Split?

    Ductless mini splits are air conditioning units that are designed to control and maintain the temperature in individual rooms. They have both outdoor and indoor components and do not require ducts to effortlessly stabilize the climate of an area. These units are the superior choice if you need to cool a small space quickly and efficiently

    Why Choose a Mini Split?

    The greatest advantage of a ductless mini split unit is the ability to control the climate of a specific space. This feature also saves you money by delivering both heated and cooled air directly into your room. You’ll lower your energy bill by getting the precise air temperature right where you need it most. This energy efficiency is the unbeatable benefit of a ductless mini split system. ​

    Easy, Economical Installation

    In addition to saving money on energy costs, you’ll also protect your finances with our mini split installation services. Ducted systems can sometimes take weeks to fully install. Mini splits take very little time and effort to fit and mount. A shorter installation time costs you less money. It is an affordable investment in the continued comfort of your rooms. 

    Contact Our Helpful Specialists

    Our team at Power Pro Plumbing, Heating & Air is ready to offer you effect installation services for your new ductless mini split unit. Whether you need to heat your home or cool your office, we have the system you need to keep your rooms perfectly comfortable and climate-controlled. Get started today with a free estimate.