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    Stay Safe in Los Angeles With Emergency Gas Shutoff

    Earthquake Shutoff Valve

    An emergency earthquake shutoff valve is your best "insurance" to stay safe during an earthquake. This device is installed between your gas meter and the house. In the event of a major earthquake, the unit will cut off the gas supply to the house, preventing gas leaks (due to pipe breakage) that can cause the whole house to burn down, which is the number-one cause for earthquake-related property damage.

    How to Shut Off Your Gas in Case of an Emergency

    1. It is important to know exactly where your gas meter is located so that in the event of an emergency, you know how to shut it off. Do not turn off your meter unless you smell gas, hear the sound of gas escaping or see other signs of a leak.
    2. As you face the meter, you will see a pipe running from the ground to the meter. Approximately 6 to 8 inches above the ground, there is a shutoff valve running parallel with the pipe. Take a 12-inch (or larger) adjustable wrench and turn the valve a quarter-turn in either direction until the valve is crosswise to the pipe.
    Keep a 12-inch (or larger) adjustable wrench with your emergency supplies or next to your valve.

    Gas Shutoff Valves

    For safety, a shutoff valve should be installed at every gas appliance. If a gas leak occurs at a specific appliance, the valve will permit you to turn off the gas at the appliance rather than shutting off all gas service at the meter. Some valves require a wrench to turn them.
    For help with emergency gas shutoff or sewer leaks, call the professionals at Power Pro Plumbing.