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    Garbage Disposal Repair Experts in Orange County

    Few kitchen appliances get as much abuse as garbage disposals. Tackling problems from damaged blades to blocked drains requires plumbing work, although electricians may also be summoned to handle burned motors. A garbage disposal plumbing failure calls for a prompt and adequate solution to get this appliance back to working order.
    Garbage Disposal

    How a Garbage Disposal Functions

    Connected to the residential plumbing system, garbage disposals are attached to the base of kitchen sink drains. Disposals grind food scraps before releasing them down the drain with a strong water flow. The grinding chamber of the garbage disposal collects food matter for the shredder within to chop up into small particles. An impeller arm and plate will force the broken-up mixture and liquid down the drainpipe.

    How to Clean Garbage Disposals

    Plumbing Safety Tip: When cleaning or applying minor do-it-yourself repair, close the power to the circuit serving the garbage disposal. This will disable the grinding action and allow treatment without endangering hands.
    Regular cleaning of garbage disposals will go a long way in preventing clogged drains and offensive kitchen odors released due to mold and bacteria growing on trapped food particles in the appliance. After turning off the power, extract (with the aid of tongs or pliers) food debris lodged inside the grinding chamber of the garbage disposal. Next, flush the drainpipe clean of small food particles by plugging the drain opening and filling the sink with four inches of water. Remove the plug and switch on the garbage disposal. Ensure a contamination-free drainpipe by pouring 1 1/2 cups of baking soda down the drain, followed with a cup of white vinegar. Let the mixture sit for some minutes before carefully running a medium-sized pot of boiling water down the drain. Alternatively, mix a gallon of water with 1 tablespoon of liquid chlorine bleach in a clean container and pour the solution down the drain. After this, flush the pipe with cold water.

    Do-It-Yourself Repair to a Clogged Garbage Disposal

    When facing a blocked drain, you should first remove the trap. Place an empty bucket below the drain and, with a pipe wrench, unscrew the fittings to take out the trap. Try to spot the clog and clear it out of the drain. If you fail to detect the obstruction, push and turn a plumber's snake down the pipe until hitting the block. At this point, either break it up or pull it out. When in doubt, research online plumbing guidance or just call in Power Pro to continue with the garbage disposal's plumbing repair.

    Fresh-Scented Kitchen

    Place several ice cubes in the drain together with citrus fruit rinds and grind away. This will not only clean the garbage disposal's cutting blades but also will add a pinch of fresh scent to the kitchen.