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    Professional Sewer Camera Inspection Services in Whittier, California

    Sewer camera

    Inspect Before You Buy

    You should never purchase a property before you have it inspected. There is always a risk of hidden dangers that will cost you in the future. Luckily, advances in plumbing techniques and innovations have greatly increased over the years. Invest in a sewer inspection and get peace of mind knowing that your building is safe.

    The Benefits of Sewer Inspection

    Camera Installation
    In addition to providing a thorough prepurchase analysis, sewer camera inspections are also excellent for conducting repairs. 

    Finding the Problem

    By inserting a camera into your sewer lines, we can get directly to the heart of your problem. Our live feed allows us to hone in on the problem area. This simplifies and speeds up the repair process. 

    Getting the Right Treatment

    It is much easier to repair an issue that we can see. Our cameras allow us to examine the problem and determine the best, most affordable way to resolve it. 

    Preventing Future Issues

    When our team is able to inspect the damage directly, we can discern the cause of it. This allows us to implement preventative measures to keep the issue from occurring again. 

    Our Skilled Team

    Power Pro Plumbing, Heating and Air has been providing Whittier, California, and the surrounding counties with professional plumbing services for over 27 years. We provide free estimates so that you always have reliable assistance available when you need it. Whether you’re buying a property or need an inspection for your current building, we’ll get the job done right. 

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