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    We Find and Repair Sewer Leaks in Orange County

    Sewer leaks are defined as leakage, breaks or blockage on drain, waste and vent piping or sewer service lines associated with sanitary sewer or septic systems. They involve leakage of hazardous sewer gases that contain highly flammable methane gases. These systems often require electronic location of cleanouts, followed by sewer taps. Sewer or sanitary drain-line leaks often are the source of mystery water damage in homes, as well as noxious sewer smells. Sewer leaks are also known as drain leaks, vent pipe leaks or drain-waste-vent (DWV) system leaks. Sewer leaks and drain leaks are easily repaired once the exact location is detected.
    Precision location of sewer leaks, sewer breaks or sewer blockages often begins with an internal inspection of the piping called a sewer camera inspection. Our miniature inspection devices, sometimes also called borescopes or fiber-optic cameras, are made for rough service in drain lines of all sizes and can often see the interior well enough to video-record the inspection. Sometimes the inspection is called a sewer video inspection for this reason.