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    Sewer Repair in Los Angeles, CA

    Typically, your sewer does its job of moving contaminated water and waste away from your home where it can be processed and treated by your municipality. However, if you have an old sewer line, or if a tree root grows through and cracks your pipes, you might have a serious sewage problem on your hands.

    At Power Pro Plumbing, our capable plumbers offer valuable sewer repair in Los Angeles, CA, area. We have six locations around the state, including in North O.C., South O.C., Long Beach, South Bay, and Ontario. No matter where you are in Orange County, you can expect fast, high-quality services as soon as you contact us.

    Get Quick, Effective Sewer Repair

    When a sewer line breaks, some homeowners think the only solution is to dig deep trenches in their yards to reach and repair their pipes. This process can ruin your landscape, and it might require you to break up concrete driveways or hardscape features. Depending on the broken pipe’s location, you might also need to pay a fine to the city and hire a contractor to rip up the street in front of your home.

    To help you avoid the expenses and hassle associated with sewer repair or replacement, we offer expert trenchless sewer repair. When we employ this technique, we use pipe-bursting technology to replace your pipes. Hydraulic machines insert a new pipe into the current pipe and remove the broken pipe.

    Thanks to this advanced technology, you can keep your yard intact, avoid city fines, and repair the problem as quickly, easily, and painlessly as possible.

    Experience You Can Rely On

    Our plumbers have worked in the business for years. We respond quickly to any problem, and we’re available for 24/7 emergency services.

    We offer free estimates on any service, including sewer repair. To get a quote today, call our Los Angeles location at 323-721-0885. You can also call the number of our office at the location nearest you as listed at the top of this page.

    Call today for your FREE estimate.
    We are certified experts in trenchless technologies and commercial plumbing.