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    Sewer Lining Services in Whittier, California

    Minimally Invasive

    Sewer lining is a fantastic alternative to pipe replacements. This process allows us to extend the life of your drainage pipes by up to 50 years. It’s minimally invasive, so it won’t cause the same mess and disruption to your life that a whole line replacement would. It also saves your yard because we won’t have to tear it up to expose the pipes. In fact, the sewer lining is simpler than you’d think. If it is done by a professional, the process can be completed rather quickly. It just takes three basic steps:

    Video Inspection

    First things first, we will perform a video inspection of your pipes. This helps us get an idea of where any damage lies as well as how big or small your pipes are. After we inspect the system, we will help you know exactly what to expect in the next couple
    of steps.

    Sewer Cleaning

    The next step involves thoroughly cleaning the pipes. This is generally done by a process called hydro jetting, which cleans your pipes thoroughly and efficiently. Clean pipes help us to properly install the liner, but we recommend you have your pipes cleaned every few years anyway to keep things running smoothly.

    Installing the Liner

    After the pipes are completely clean, we’ll get started on installing the liner. First, we will measure and cut the right size of liner, saturate it with a specialized glue and then insert it into your pipes. We use high-quality tools that help the liner form to the shape of the pipe. After that, we let it set, and then your pipes are brand-new.

    Schedule an Installation

    Don’t spend unnecessary time and money replacing your sewer line. Instead, let our team of experts install a liner. We will get the job done quickly, extend the life of your pipes and save money in the process. Call our office today to get started.