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    Comprehensive Service for Toilets in South Bay

    Clogged Toilet: Let a Power Pro Plumbing certified service technician fix your clogged toilet safely and completely to restore it to working condition.
    Running or Non-Flushing Toilet: If your toilet won’t flush or stop running, Power Pro will fix it fast at an affordable price.
    Leaking Toilet: If you suspect a leak anywhere around your toilet, it's important to have it professionally inspected and repaired. Apart from the additional water bill, a leaky toilet can rot the floorboards or cause other permanent damage to your home.
    New Toilet: We can help with expert installations as well as upgrades to your existing toilet. We can even help by showing you a wide variety of the latest systems and designs on the market, bring the new toilet to your home, perform a full installation and take the old toilet away. It can be a great way to improve the comfort and styling of a bathroom.
    Improved Flushing: Choose from a range of new toilets with improved flushing power that make for cleaner bowls and fewer clogs.
    Save Water: We offer systems that use less water per flush, or provide a dual-flush option.
    ADA-Compliant System: These toilets sit higher for greater accessibility to people in wheelchairs or those who have trouble standing up from a lower-sitting toilet.
    Power Pro Plumbing can also help you with faucets. Call us today!