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    Trenchless Sewer Replacement in Orange County CA

    Power Pro Plumbing is able to replace your existing sewer lines that have cracks, invasive tree roots and constant problems without tearing up your landscaping or driveway.

    Trenchless sewer replacement is the state-of-the-art technology used in repairing and replacing damaged sewer lines. Trenchless sewer repair offers many benefits in comparison to traditional manual trenching. Some of these benefits include:

    • Avoids digging manual trenches
    • Saves your landscape
    • Avoids breaking concrete/driveways/walkways
    • Saves time
    • Cost-effective
    Trenchless sewer replacement offers you different options to best suit your particular needs. These options include rehabilitation and/or replacement.
    Trenchless Sewer
    Trenchless Sewer


    Using the latest technology and certified professionals, we can now rehabilitate an existing sewer line within one day’s time. Our Perma-Liner system is a process that repairs damaged sewer pipes by sleeving the damaged section of sewer line and restoring function and flow. Perma-Liner rehabilitation is the right choice for many of the following sewer problems:
    • Root-damaged pipes
    • Correcting offsets in the line
    • Filling broken pieces
    • Sealing cracks
    • Damaged under-slab sewer pipelines


    When the need for a new sewer line arises, we have the perfect solution within our pipe-bursting technology. Using an entry and exit hole, we are able to use an oversized breaker head with a new pipe attached. Using a hydraulic machine, we are able to pull the new pipe using the existing pathway of the broken sewer, while simultaneously breaking away the old damaged pipe.
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