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10 Most Common Sump Pump Mistakes You Should Avoid

10 Most Common Sump Pump Mistakes You Should Avoid

Sump pumps are installed in the basements to prevent a flooding situation. For example, if your basement collects water during heavy rainfalls, the sump pump can help drain the water easily.

Common Sump Pump Mistakes

It not only keeps your basement free from water but also prevents damage caused due to the damp environment. But all that would make sense if it functions well and you don’t avoid considering its condition and maintenance. Let’s discuss ten common mistakes with your sump pump you should avoid.

Poor Installation

A significant part of your sump pump’s future performance depends on how it is installed. For instance, constructing a pit without considering your home’s size or, as a matter of fact, the pump’s size, or as bad as making the pit without an outlet hole.

In such a situation, your mistake could be hiring someone with less experience or a newbie. Never make this mistake, and hire a professional and reliable plumbing company in Long Beach, CA, for correct sump pump installation.

Not Cleaning the Pump

Your sump pump sits in a pit forever, and that pit can collect dirt or debris over time. Debris or mold growth or the presence of small aggregates around the pit is terrible for the pump as these can affect how it performs. It may also lead to clogging, which can damage the motor.

Do not avoid sump pump cleaning; it is better to get it done at least once a year. While it is usually advised to hire a professional sump pump cleaning service, you can do it yourself if you have the right tools.

Leaving It Turned Off

You don’t usually go into your basement until there’s something you need or if there’s something wrong with your plumbing system (if it is installed in there), or any other reason. Regardless, it is possible you disconnect the pump to use something else, and by mistake, you don’t reconnect it, leaving it turned off.

It can be a big mistake, especially on rainy days when your basement can flood without a working sump pump.

Ignoring Wiring Problems

Have you ever seen your sump pump suddenly stop working and, in some cases, it starts back again on its own? If yes, it can be a sign of a wiring issue, ignoring which can be a mistake. To confirm if it is a wiring issue, turn off its power supply and unplug the pump.

Check if the wires are damaged, cut, or burnt. After that, plug all the wiring back and turn the pump on when there’s water in the pit. It should be working because sometimes loose fixtures can cause a pump to stop temporarily. If it is not a wiring issue, you may need a plumber in Norwalk.

Not Testing the Unit

Avoid this mistake by testing your sump pump once in a few months. Fill a medium-sized bucket with water, and pour it slowly into the pit. Wait for a few minutes as the pump will gradually transfer the water out. If it doesn’t, there can be a problem that requires a professional for the solution.

Not Paying Attention to Check Valve Direction

The check valve installed with your sump pump acts as a barrier, preventing water’s reverse flow. There might be a mark or sign on the check valve which indicates the right direction for the valve. If, by chance or mistake, it is turned to the other direction, simply make it right.

Ignoring Float Switch Issues

This mistake can be best avoided during the sump pump installation in La Mirada. First, the float switch should have enough space around the pump. If there’s less space or the float switch gets stuck somewhere, it might not work correctly, damaging the motor.

Avoiding Problems With Discharge Pipe

You might ignore it if you see moderate-volume water in your basement once in a blue moon. But it can be a mistake because it indicates there can be a problem with the discharge pipe. So, do not ignore such signs and hire a plumber for inspection as soon as possible.

Not Checking Its Outlet Pipe

Sometimes your pump works, but no water comes to the other side. If you don’t occasionally check whether the unit is pumping out water or just consuming the power, you will remain unaware of hidden problems. Avoid making this mistake and take help from a plumbing professional for an inspection.

Delaying Maintenance or Repair

Sump pumps are small electronic appliances that always work in water. Considering their nature of work, they tend to get damaged over a prolonged period if not taken care of. Delaying sump pump maintenance or repair can be a big mistake, sometimes leading to the need for replacement.

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