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Septic line failure occurs most commonly due to incorrect design or installation or lack of maintenance. However, there can be other reasons behind it, some of which might be visible while others might not be.

Septic line failure can disrupt your daily life at home, but you need not worry as we will discuss the three best ways to avoid it. Also, as winter is coming, contact Power Pro Plumbing today for the best quotes if you need water heater installation in La Mirada.

Before we move to those three ways you can avoid septic line failure this winter, it is essential to understand how to determine if it is a failure or not.

Common Signs of Septic Line Failure

  • Water in the bathtub and sinks drains extremely slowly
  • You hear weird, gurgling sounds in your plumbing system
  • You see dampness around the septic tank
  • Standing water in the drain field
  • Drain backup
  • Foul odors near the septic tank
  • Mold growth above the septic tank

3 Ways to Avoid Septic Line Failure This Winter

Insulate Septic Tank

Septic line failure can also be caused due to extremely low temperatures that freeze the water inside the septic tank. Before the winter season arrives, try to get a winter tarp and put it over the septic tank. Its warmth will keep the tank warm, and as the water temperature will not drop, the lines will not freeze. If this does not help, contact an experienced plumber in Long Beach for an appropriate solution.

Use Septic Lines Often During Winter

If you use your septic system less than often in winter, it can result in frozen pipes. It is because the water is standing still inside the lines, and due to low temperatures, the water and the pipes freeze. However, if you use your septic system frequently, the water flow will melt down the frost and avoid freezing. This is another good way to prevent septic line failure. So contact our technicians for the water heater in Cerritos, CA.

Keep a Check on the Soil

You might have soil and grass above the septic tank, which, without a doubt, helps insulate and keep the tank warmer than the outer temperature. However, avoid using compacted soil and make sure the soil above your tank is aerated. In addition, do not place heavy objects to ensure preventing soil compaction. Even you can contact us for the drain cleaning in Long Beach.

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