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4 Most Common Water Heater Problems

4 Most Common Water Heater Problems

You may never even think about the water heater working backstage in providing you with hot water all the time, but suddenly, when you end up having a cold shower, you remember its importance. The real hustle begins when you don’t know the problem and its causes, but just the problem of cold water in chilling winters in California. And that’s when you know you need to search for a water heater repair in Long Beach, CA.

Common Water Heater Problems Which Generally Occur:

Given below are some common issues which generally occur with your water heater.

Temperature Issues

Temperature is the foundation element of the water heaters, and a slight variation in it would cause you discomfort. Below is the list of three basic water temperature problems that are often encountered; 

  • Coldwater: The most potential cause of no hot water is the tripped circuit breaker, which can be easily fixed by turning it off and back on again, or a blown fuse, which can be replaced. The other potential causes can be a faulty thermostat or a heating element. In case you have a gas heater, make sure the gas valve is open.
  • Too hot water: When your thermostat is set too high, you can encounter too much hot water. You can simply adjust the thermostat according to your needs.
  • Not enough hot water: If your water is not hot enough, then you can try adjusting your thermostat. During winters, you might have to set it to a higher temperature as the water takes longer to heat. Still, if you face a problem, it is possible that your heater is too small for your needs and you need a big one. Contact a professional of water heater in Cerritos, CA, for assistance.


Generally, loose connections can lead to leaks. The most obvious way to reduce leaks is by tightening the connections. Valves can also be the reason behind leaks, and you may have to replace them. If the leaks are the results of the corroded storage tank, then its replacement is the only option left. 


If you hear banging, popping, or rumbling sounds when your water heats. Then the first thing you should do is flush the water heater. It might solve your problem. These sounds are caused due to the sediment build-up inside the tank and the heating elements. But if these noises still don’t leave you alone, you need professional help and contact the water heater repair.

Dirty Water

If you encounter rusty water, it is a clear indication of corrosion inside the tank, which is generally caused by the corroding anode rod. Then You have to contact a professional to know whether replacing the anode rod is sufficient or replacing the water heater is the only option left. 

Apart from rusty water, if you find the water dirty or discolored, it might be because of the sediment build-up inside your water heater. You may call a professional plumber in Long Beach to get rid of any such buildup.

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