5 Foods You Must Never Pour Down Your Kitchen Sink

Most people, when they do their dishes, tend to pour the leftovers down their kitchen sink or garbage disposal instead of disposing of them in the trash can. While it’s an easy way, the fact is that pouring food down the kitchen sink or your garbage disposal can lead to a plumbing disaster. If you don’t want to find yourself struggling with a clogged kitchen sink or want to avoid a costly garbage disposal repair in Anaheim, CA, here’s a list of foods you should never pour down your kitchen sink. Let’s take a look.

Oil and Grease

Most people don’t know what to do with a used cooking oil, so they pour it down their kitchen sink. What they don’t know is that oil and grease tend to stick to the inside of the kitchen drain lines and plumbing fixtures and attract dirt and debris, which in turn leads to residual buildup that clogs the drain pipes.

Raw Flour

When poured down the kitchen sink, flour soaks water to form a thick, paste-like substance. The paste, like oil and grease, gets stuck to the inner lining of the drain pipe, leading to a residual buildup which in turn causes blockage. So next time you bake your favorite brownies, don’t toss the spilled flour into your kitchen sink. Instead, brush it into a dustpan or vacuum it up.

Coffee Grounds

Coffee grounds are one of the major causes of clogged kitchen sinks. The coffee grounds get stuck to the oil and grease present in the drain line, thereby causing a blockage. So, if you don’t want a clogged kitchen sink, make sure you dispose of the coffee grounds in a trash bin. In addition, coffee grounds are beneficial for the skin, and you can use them as compost too.

Rice, Pasta, and Potato Peels

Foods such as rice, pasta, and potato peels are rich in starch, and thus, they tend to swell when they come in contact with water. So, when you pour these things down your kitchen sink, they tend to expand inside the drain line, thereby leading to a blockage. The best place to dispose of these foods is your trash bin.


Unlike most food wastes, eggshells are the hardest to decompose. And since they don’t break down easily, they form one of the worst residual buildups. Also, eggshells, because of their sharp edges and sticky egg white, can easily get stuck to the drain lines and lead to major blockage. So, think twice before disposing of the eggshells down your kitchen sink.

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