5 Reasons You Need Garbage Disposal Repair

5 Reasons You Need Garbage Disposal Repair

Garbage disposals are a must-have kitchen utility for most households, and you should keep them in optimum condition to keep up your sanity. However, if you have the habit of dumping your kitchen or bathroom leftovers directly in the sink or down the toilet, it can take a toll, and you will have to look for a reliable plumber near you frequently. 

Any device that remains subject to hundreds of gallons of clean water, dish soap, leftover food, and bones, will wear out over time, no matter how well it gets manufactured or how much money you invest. 

While well-functioning garbage disposal can sometimes process some vegetable pieces or cucumber slices, it is better to upgrade the garbage disposal if it requires an extended time for a simple grinding task. Moreover, you can likewise call experts for replacement or sewer line repair in Long Beach, CA, if your machine produces an odd noise or emits a foul odor.

Why Do You Need a Garbage Disposal Repair?

Mentioned hereunder are the top reasons you need a garbage disposal repair. 

Flushing Grease Down the Toilet

The most common cause of obstructed sewage drains is grease. Hence if you pour grease or kitchen fat in your garbage disposal, you will need frequent drain repairs as grease hardens, cools, and blocks the plumbing system, causing the garbage disposal to cease working. 

Therefore, rather than pouring grease or kitchen fat down the drain, catch it in a container or a little plastic bag and put it in the garbage bag once it has hardened.

Using Boiled Water to Run the Garbage Disposal

Not everyone is aware that frequent use of heated water can result in frequent garbage disposal repairs. Why? Assume you’re throwing greasy or fried food down your drain (which you should prevent if you’ve followed rule one). 

If you dispose of that food while running boiled water, the fat and oils will remain pliable and harden as they settle inside your drain. Therefore, if you want to get rid of excess food, start by draining it and refilling the aquifer about a fourth of the way with freezing water. 

Flip the switch and turn the disposal on after it gets set. This approach should keep the drain cooled (allowing oily meals to harden and get diced up by the garbage disposal) while also cleaning the drain of any debris that could cause a clog. 

Putting the Incorrect Foods Down the Sewer

We put too much pressure on our garbage disposals, but particular foods might cause a clog. Hard, fibrous foods are difficult for most garbage disposals to handle, while starchy foods grow over time, causing obstructions. Here are a few of the foods to avoid putting down the garbage disposal.

  1. Artichoke
  2. Peel from a watermelon
  3. Spaghetti or rice
  4. Onions
  5. Cobs of corn
  6. Crustacean shells/animal bones

Using the Incorrect Cleaning Items

Many consumer goods meant to clean your garbage disposal are harmful to the unit’s long-term functionality. Cleaning solutions containing strong chemicals, such as bleach or drain cleaners, should be avoided. 

These substances have the potential to harm blades and pipes. To get rid of mold, mildew, and other odor-causing organisms in your drain, make your solution with water and dish cleanser or Borax. However, if you are unaware of cleaning your garbage disposal, it is better to call professionals for drain cleaning in Long Beach, CA

Mistakenly Disposing of Too Much Miniature Silverware

It is not unusual to accumulate a large load of dishes while cooking out, holding gatherings, or doing a bunch of additional food prep or for a stray spoon, knife, or fork to slip down the sink. However, you must never lean in and retrieve an object stuck in the garbage disposal with your fingers once you discover it’s stuck. 

If you think something has fallen down the drain and wish to collect it, the first step is to switch off the disposal’s electricity supply. Next, you should get it with a pair of tongs. Also, you might want to consider utilizing a drain cover to prevent losing silverware to the garbage disposal entirely.

How Can I Tell When My Garbage Disposal Needs to Get Repaired?

It can be tough to tell whether your garbage disposal is acting up or if you have a significant problem. If you’re noticing any of the following major warning signals, call a plumber in Long Beach, CA right away:

  • Sink that gets filled with water and dirt. For instance, if your sink is swelling up with water while your dishwasher is operating.
  • The motor hums but does not rotate.
  • The disposal does not turn on when you switch on the toggle switch.
  • You detect unusual rattling metal sounds. 

Also, leaving icy water to run down your garbage disposal for 10 to 15 seconds after each use is a fantastic approach to prevent any of these effects. It will help wash it all down and remove the pipe residue and stink. 

If you detect a problem with your garbage disposal, don’t attempt to repair it yourself; instead, call the garbage disposal repair Anaheim, CAas soon as possible. Also, the faulty garbage disposal is a catastrophe waiting to happen. 

Broken blades, for example, are pretty dangerous. When you combine unprotected electrical wires with leaky water, you’ve created a precarious scenario for electrocution by accident. Broken garbage disposals can also lead to rifts, water loss, and mold growth. Rodents and other insects hunting for water will get attracted to these holes, leading to other issues.

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