7 Things To Consider When Replacing Your AC

7 Things To Consider When Replacing Your AC

There are several key considerations when replacing your old AC with a new one instead of AC repair Anaheim, CA. Power Pro Plumbing has just the right tools and experienced professional experts in the field and have 7 tips to help guide you!

How Old Is It?

AC systems from the 80s and 90s are known for being massive energy hogs, even if they are properly maintained. Just by replacing them can actually save you money later on.

Do Problems Keep Showing Up?

If it seems like your AC can never be fixed without something breaking, it’s time to get a new one. Either it is seeing a lot of use, is old, or is just a bad model to begin with. In any case, it’s not a good sign. Frequent use all summer long can easily wear down an AC. It will keep asking for emergency AC repair Cerritos CA.

If you smell something like it is burning, your motor is about to stop functioning. AC’s can get faulty wiring, dirty air filters, dirty humidifiers, broken thermostats, busted fan or loose screws. If these problems keep showing up even after you have expert techs fix and replace them, it’s time to get it completely replaced.

One misconception about AC’s is that an AC will stop working if it has been stored away during the winter and suddenly turned on in the summer. It will stop working because of the frequent use, not the lack of it.

High Efficient AC’s Are Between 20% — 50% More Efficient

A brand new AC system can drastically lower your bills. The up front cost might be high or moderately priced, but the long term savings are highly beneficial. The newer AC’s also have better filters, better regulates the humidity and runs longer. You should definitely consider getting a newer one and replace your older one.

Install a Programmable Thermostat

A thermostat in general is important for the AC, but a programmable thermostat is a great addition to your unit. The Department of Energy says that this types of thermostat can actually help lower your energy bill by 10%. That’s a good investment to consider.

Consider Buying An Energy Star AC

Energy star rated AC systems are 15% more effective than standard energy efficient AC’s. Yet another great way to save money on your energy bills.

Where Will It Be Located

When replacing your old AC, consider where it was. Proper placement can make all the difference in the effectiveness of an AC. If you keep one AC on all the time downstairs, chances are you won’t see much airflow upstairs. Hot air rises, so when it gets cooler downstairs, your upstairs will get warmer. Installing a second AC upstairs can help mitigate this factor so your AC downstairs isn’t overworked and begins to crop up issues like your old one. You should also check to see if you have a lot of opened doors or windows. Even if a door is left just a tiny bit open, it can be enough to prevent your AC from correctly cooling your home.

Choose The Right AC For You

There are 4 basic types of AC’s for you to choose from. You have central air conditioning, a room AC (the standard type), ductless mini-split and the evaporative cooler. Each one has its benefits, weaknesses, life span and features.

The Room AC

This is the standard AC most people have in their homes. They are extremely reliable, affordable, and offer a great return value for your money. They are pretty easy to set up even for the average person. If they are installed improperly, however, they can cause major air leakage which could increase your energy bill by 10%. However, if it is installed properly you can duck tape the edges of your AC to further help reduce your cool air from leaking out.

Central Air Conditioning

A very expensive proposition, but also worth your buck, and they are very quiet. They have an operative life of 15–20 years of properly maintained. Central AC’s offer even cooling for your home. If you have ductwork, it can make it even more effective. If you don’t have ductwork, consider getting it installed for your home so your cool air can spread even better. They are very efficient and are much more reliable than the room AC. When you install your ductwork or, if you already have it, always check the seals and make sure they haven’t gotten loose or bent. Always reseal your ductwork so you don’t lose any cool air.

The Ductless Mini-Split

An even more expensive option than the central AC, but something worth considering because you don’t need the additional ductwork which can actually be a money saver in of itself. Unlike the room AC, the ductless mini-split can also be mounted on your walls. This type of AC option can last anywhere from 12–15 years, assuming it is properly maintained. The compressor part of the unit is placed outside and should be regularly cleaned, then you’ll have reduced the chances of it overheating. Consider this though, if your home already does have ductwork installed, you’re looking at a potential increase of 30% more than simply adding a new central or room unit.

The Evaporative Cooler

This unit is moderately priced compared to the ductless mini-split or the central air unit. Nicknamed the “swamp cooler,” this type of air conditioner prevents the typical energy loss from having ductwork or from having a poorly installed room AC. It has a slightly higher upfront cost than a room AC, but it is 1/2 the cost of installing a central air conditioner and it only uses 1/4 as much energy as a central AC. The swamp cooler has a expected lifetime of 15 – 20 years if properly maintained. It should be noted that requires a lot more maintenance than any other AC unit and is meant for areas which are extremely dry.

If you’re still debating on which type of AC unit you want to install, give us a call, and we will have one of our experienced technicians to help you with any more questions to help you decide if you should replace your AC. Power Pro Plumbing is a renwned HVAC and plumbing contractor Cerritos CA.

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