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9 Most Common Plumbing Problems

9 Most Common Plumbing Problems

People don’t realize how much they rely on plumbing until they start having issues. Knowing the most frequent plumbing problems and their solutions will help you decide whether to DIY or call a plumber. Learning what difficulties are likely to surface ahead of time can lessen the risk of problems developing. 

9 Typical Plumbing Issues

  • Faucets That Drip

Over a year, a single faucet might waste hundreds of gallons. Over time, an internal washer that has grown stiff, damaged, worn, or detached is frequently the cause. In such cases, getting professional help from plumbers in Long Beach, California, is the best solution.

  • Clogged Shower Drain or Bath

Hair and soap often clog the bath and shower drain. The problem can be avoided or mitigated by purchasing a drain guard to trap the hair.

  • Running Toilet

A defective flapper valve, which controls water flow from the tank to the bowl, is the most typical cause of a toilet run. Toilet runs can also be produced by sediment obstructing the flushing and filling of the bathroom.

  • Low Water Pressure

Broken, damaged, or corroded pipes, as well as debris on aerators, can all contribute to low water pressure. You can clean the aerator by soaking it in vinegar or replacing it with a new one. You can also take professional help from a plumbing contractor in Anaheim, CA.

  • Leaking Pipes

Leaks are more common in the winter, when water freezes, expands and bursts pipes. Leaking pipes can ruin furniture and floors, and the wetness can attract bugs like cockroaches. Tape and fillers can often give a temporary remedy, but you’ll need to replace fittings for a permanent solution. 

  • Sink Drains Slowly

Food leftovers and congealed fat may be found in a clogged kitchen sink drain. The problem is exacerbated if not treated on time.

  • Broken Water Heater

Various factors can cause the failure of a water heater. The main reason could be low water pressure. For water heater in Cerritos, CA, call a specialist. 

  • Garbage Disposal Clogged

Garbage disposals can occasionally get clogged. Running them without water or discarding certain food particles like corn husks and potato peels can cause issues.

Common Plumbing Issues in Older Homes:

  • Before the 1960s, galvanized iron pipes were extensively used in American homes. Zinc erodes with time, resulting in corrosion and breakage.
  • Polybutylene pipes were widely used in residences built between the 1970s – 1990s. Over time, these pipes react with oxidants, weakening and failing the plumbing system.
  • It is common to discover insufficient or faulty plumbing in old homes that require additional long-term solutions.
  • The “pipe bellies” can cause blockages by interrupting the passage of water.
  • Original fittings such as faucets and handles are frequently compromised in an old property. This can lead to leaks or foul odors.

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