Affordable Heating, Cooling, and Plumbing in Irvine, CA

Affordable Heating, Cooling, and Plumbing in Irvine, CA

Power Pro Plumbing: Leaders in Plumbing and HVAC

Power Pro Plumbing has been doing business the old-fashioned way since 2002. We started small, dreamed big, and always put our customers first. Now with over 100 highly-trained employees in heating, cooling, and plumbing in Irvine, CA, we’re continuously expanding and adding to our team of skilled technicians. In Cerritos, CA plumbing services are easy to get.

Our above-and-beyond, 24-hour emergency service not only means we’re here when you need us. It also ensures that we don’t add extra fees when you have a burst pipe or an air conditioner meltdown at 3 o’clock in the morning. Over the years, we’ve completed over 200,000 projects for our residential and commercial customers. But you don’t have to take our word for it! Browse our customer reviews and see what people love about us.

Heating Services: Residential, Comercial, and Custom

One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to heating your home or business. Whether you’re looking for a heat pump for a cozy, suburban cottage, or need a multi-split system installed in a retail setting, Power Pro Plumbing can help you select the perfect product. The requirements of our commercial customers are different from residential, and we’ll work with you to solve the logistics of heating difficult-to-heat spaces such as churches or glass office buildings.

Custom Heating Solutions

In the residential sphere, we understand that not everyone’s castle is a traditional ranch, Victorian, or Craftsman. You may live in a modified mobile home, a tiny house, or have specialized HVAC needs for specific areas of your house for HVAC repair Anaheim, CA.

Your home may have an addition that was built before you purchased it that was never ducted and has always been difficult to heat. If you have an older home in which installing ductwork isn’t an option, we can advise solutions such as ductless, mini-split systems. Our professionals are highly skilled in customizing heating systems for unique situations.

AC Installation, Repairs, and Maintenance

Professional Air Conditioner Installation

The brand and SEER rating of the air conditioner or heat pump model you choose are important for several reasons. You want maximum cooling power, energy efficiency, and the best manufacturer’s warranty. However, what homeowners might not be aware of is that the way an air conditioner is installed trumps all of these benefits. An AC unit has to be appropriately “sized” for the building it’s cooling. And in the case of air conditioning systems, bigger isn’t always better — sometimes it’s worse!

A competent HVAC technician understands this, which is why the experts at Power Pro Plumbing won’t take any shortcuts when we install your new AC unit or heat pump. Your tech will perform something called a Manual J load calculation. This calculation factors in different measurements and qualities of your home, not just square footage, since that detail alone isn’t enough to establish how much power you need in an air conditioner.

AC Repair: The Affordable Solution

There’s a reason people know us as powerful, professional, and affordable. While you can’t always predict when your air conditioner or heat pump will break down, having a solution already in place will save you a ton in hassle and expenses. Our Power Club is a repair and maintenance program for plumbing, heating, and AC services. Not only does it save you big bucks on the repairs and maintenance you need right now, but routinely servicing your air conditioner keeps expensive problems from appearing down the road. At only $12.95 a month, you can’t afford not to enroll!

Some additional benefits of professional AC repair include:

  • While your technician fixes what’s broken now, he or she can also spot potential issues and recommend the best course of action.
  • Performing the necessary repairs and maintenance gives your air conditioner a longer life.
  • A well-functioning AC unit or heat pump has a more positive environmental impact and costs less to operate.

Commercial Air Conditioning Plans: Priority Business Accounts

Just as commercial buildings have different climate control requirements, they also have unique needs when it comes to AC repair and maintenance. With a Priority Business Account, you’ll have access to special pricing and quick response time for emergencies and repairs. We also offer a line of commercial credit, making air conditioning services convenient and hassle-free. One of our commercial AC specialists will be happy to discuss your options and go over the added benefits of our programs.

Comprehensive Plumbing Services

We still provide the same old-fashioned service paired with modern-day technology as we did when we began our journey. Our plumbing solutions for both home and business cover everything from leak detection, repiping, drains, sewer lines, garbage disposals, toilets, faucets, sump pumps, P-traps, and water heater Cerritos CA. We also provide gas leak repair Gardena CA and earthquake shut off valves. Our affordable plumbing maintenance program is designed to catch disasters before they strike.

Regular maintenance also keeps your system and appliances in good working order. For that reason, the program includes an annual plumbing safety inspection. It doesn’t just cover your toilets, fixtures, and water supply lines, but we’ll do a thorough evaluation of your water heater. We’ll ensure there are no dangerous carbon monoxide leaks, that sediment isn’t building up in the tank, and that there are no system malfunctions which could contribute to energy inefficiency.

Limescale buildup (mineral deposits made of mostly calcium) can even affect tankless water heaters, so we’ll check for that too. Yearly inspections also keep your water heater covered under the manufacturer’s warranty. In case you’re searching for water heater repair Cerritos CA, contact us.

Choose the Trusted Experts at Power Pro Plumbing

No matter what your HVAC needs, Power Pro Plumbing is dedicated to exceeding your expectations. We don’t charge extra fees if you need to call us on the weekend, in the small hours of the night, or on a holiday. We understand that sewer backups and broken AC evaporator coils can’t wait until tomorrow.

Our caring technicians are continually receiving ongoing training and education in their field, meaning that when we visit your home, we’re bringing our knowledge of the latest procedures and cutting-edge technology. Power Pro Plumbing is a renowned plumbing contractor Cerritos CA. For exceptional service in heating, cooling, and plumbing in Irvine, CA, contact us at (833) 212-2124 and schedule an appointment today.

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