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Air Scrubber by Aerus


Uses ActivePure® Technology to continuously attack contaminants on surfaces while purifying the air. Protects people from contaminants and pollutants in their environment

  • Tests completed in partnership with a Biosafety Level 4 and Biosafety Level 3 combination lab team, following strict FDA protocols

For Residential

Air Scrubber can help protect our elderly from airborne diseases. Senior citizens could still be infected with various illnesses due to unhealthy air even at home. According to CDC, ages 65+ are more susceptible to airborne contaminants.

Your family is always the first and last line of defense against harmful airborne contaminants.

Air Scrubber is tough on germs, bacteria and viruses but gentle on babies. Purifies and reduces irritating particles like dust, mold, pollen and many of the other pollutants that can cause allergy symptoms.

Air Scrubber poses no harm to pets and animals. It acts to deodorize and banish lingering odors. Working through your heating and air conditioning unit, the Air Scrubber by Aerus is a unique photocatalytic device that will significantly reduce dust, pet dander, and odors in your home.

For Commercial

Air Scrubber by Aerus is your best protection in the workplace against harmful bacteria & viruses. Air Scrubber kills 99.9% of all and airborne contaminants thanks to its Active Pure Technology.

Since 1924, Aerus products with ActivePure Technology have provided healthy indoor environments for 50 million businesses and residences worldwide. ActivePure Technology is safe to use in occupied spaces and does not use chemicals or ozone. ActivePure Technology is available in both installed and plug-and-purify products and is already used in:

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