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The plumbing system at your home is an essential need, so it is crucial to keep it clean and well-maintained. It is highly recommended to get plumbers in La Mirada, for plumbing inspection to keep significant problems away. However, due to several plumbing myths, many homeowners only pay little attention to their plumbing issues until they become worse or more dangerous.

In this article, we will bust these myths and help you understand the importance of periodic plumbing inspections. Let’s begin with discussing the myths.

Myth Number 1: It's Ok If Your Faucets Are Leaking

Dripping faucets are common compared with other plumbing problems but can lead to potential home damage. Not only that, leaky faucets are adding to water wastage.  Dripping often leads to gallons of water being wasted every day.

Not only does it waste water, but it also increases your water bills, and you may end up paying for water you did not use. The more you delay fixing this problem, the more issues may arise.

Myth Number 2: Liquid Drain Cleaning Products Are The Best

Although liquid drain cleaners are easy to use and may perform a great job of cleaning drain line clogs, they may not be the best drain cleaning products. Most liquid drain cleaning products are chemical-based, which means they can damage the pipes when you pour it down the drain.

These drain cleaners have corrosive ingredients that are harmful to the inner walls of your pipe. While it is true that they don’t affect the pipes significantly the very first time you use them, but  over a prolonged period of time, it can result in heavy damage. It might also cause such damage that you may need drain line replacement.

Instead of using chemical-based drain cleaning products, you may look for professional clogged drain in Norwalk ca for solutions to your clogged drain problems.

Myth Number 3: If Water is Not Draining Out, There’s Only One Clog

When a drain line clog develops, you might find its signs with a blocked sink or bathtub as the water starts to drain slowly or doesn’t drain at all. However, you might not know that the actual clog can be way ahead in the lines. Never underestimate the problem of clogged drain lines, and don’t think there’s only one clog.

Drain lines are interconnected pipes between your bathroom, laundry, kitchen, etc. Therefore, there are high chances of either multiple clogs or a significant blockage in the main drain line that is causing the clog. With a professional plumbing inspection at least once a year, you can keep these problems in check and resolve them on time, eliminating the chances of plumbing emergencies. Even you can contact us for the sewer line repair in Norwalk, CA.

Myth Number 4: Water Heater Will Explode If It Makes Strange Sounds

Water heaters rarely explode. This can happen when the pressure inside your water heater goes excessively high. For instance – auto-cut failure causing the anode rod to heat water continuously or excessive collection of sediment buildup from hard water. In case you hear strange sounds coming out from your water heater, turn it off immediately and call for professional help.

It is also advised to get water heater maintenance services once a year, as the professionals will remove the sediment buildup, and your water heater will work even more efficiently, reducing the risk of failure or explosion. If you live in Cerritos, CA, plumbing repair or water heater repair work can cost you a lot. Contact Power Pro Plumbing today to schedule an appointment for plumbing and water heater maintenance, enabling you to minimize future repair needs and costs.

Myth Number 5: Your Toilets Can Flush Down Flushable Items

There’s a little secret in this myth. While there are many items which come with a message written on their label – ‘flushable,’ and they get easily flushed down the toilet, they can cause clogging. Some flushable items, like paper towels or wet tissues, don’t dissolve in water when they are flushed. These items play a crucial role in clogging your toilet drain lines. Therefore, always use a bin near the toilet and never flush down anything in your toilet, including baby wipes and toilet paper.

Importance of Plumbing Maintenance

Your home’s plumbing system works all the time, and is vulnerable to general wear and tear due to fluctuating pressure and corrosion caused by hard water elements. Therefore, it is advised to get a plumbing inspection every year or twice a year. It will ensure that your plumbing system works smoothly, minimizing the need for costly repair or replacement. Even you can contact us for the hydro jetting in Cerritos, CA.

What Do Professionals Check During a Plumbing Inspection?

  • Water pressure checks
  • Plumbing fixtures examination 
  • Kitchen sink and drain inspection 
  • Toilet and faucet inspection
  • Water heater inspection

Advantages of Yearly or Periodic Plumbing Inspections

  • Stable and safe water pressure 
  • Smooth water flow
  • Better water quality
  • Increased lifespan of water fixtures
  • Minimal risks of emergencies
  • Lower water bills
  • Minimal requirement for future repairs

At Power Pro Plumbing, we have a team of certified and trained plumbing professionals ready to resolve all your plumbing problems. Reach out to us today to book an appointment. Call at 866-627-9647.