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Signs Your Water Heater Needs to Be Replaced

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Signs Your Water Heater Needs to Be Replaced

Without a water heater, you will no longer be able to take hot showers first thing in the morning. Keep an eye on yours so that when the time comes to replace it, you are ready.

Rusty-Colored Water

Any time your home’s water is not perfectly clear, you have a problem on your hands. If your water appears brownish in color, then it could be a sign your water heater is too badly rusted.

Smell to Water

You probably do not think to smell your water all too often. However, if you notice something off, take note of it. A broken water heater typically causes tap water to have a metallic scent and taste to it.

Noises From Heater

Pops and cracks coming from inside the water heater are cause for concern. You may even hear these noises while you are in a completely different room. Take action because components could have come loose or mineral deposits are banging around inside there.

Water Leaking

Check on your water heater every so often. When puddles start developing on the floor around it, then you have a leak on your hands that needs to be addressed right away.

Always have warm water accessible in your household, and repair your water heater promptly. Find a professional to repair it for you by contacting Power Pro Plumbing in Los Angeles at (800) 260-7187.


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