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Water pipes connected via multiple joints across your home run water day in and day out. This leads to general wear and tear over a long period of time. But apart from that, there can be several plumbing mistakes that can cause water line damage.

It is essential to prevent this damage because otherwise, you would require professional plumbing services in Cerritos that can cost you a lot for water line repair or replacement work. Also, as protecting your home from water line damage is one of your top priorities, let’s discuss common plumbing mistakes you must avoid.

High Water Pressure

While you may need high-pressure water for your kitchen or garden or to wash your car, extremely high pressure has the potential to damage your water line. This is because those pipes in your home are made of material that can develop leaks or even burst if the water pressure is higher than usual, which is between 40 and 75 PSI. It is determined by the number of outlets in different parts of your home, including the kitchen, washroom, laundry area, garage, lawn, etc. So contact our expert for the leak detection services in Long Beach, CA.

Setting Water Heater at High Temperature

Setting your water heater’s thermostat too high to get extremely hot water is fine, but you might not be able to see the harm it can do to your water heater. Not only that, but the high-temperature water can also damage the water lines as it travels through them. Avoid setting the water heater temperature to more than 120 degrees Fahrenheit, as it can be a mistake that can lead to water line damage, which may require repair work by professional plumbers in Long Beach, California.

Never Clearing the Water Heater Tank

It is usually advised to flush out all the water from your water heater tank every winter season before using it or once a year. Why? Because when you drain all the water from the water heater, it drains out the minerals and sediments in the water too, reducing the chances of buildup. But unfortunately, these minerals and sediments can also damage the water lines.

Hard Water

The water coming out of your faucets has reached your home, passing through canals and your city’s water plumbing facility. It is possible that it brings along various materials like soil and micro-stones. If you have not installed a water filtration system in your water line, it could be a mistake as the hard water will slowly corrode the pipes, leading to significant water line damage in the long run. Even you can contact HVAC repair in Anaheim.

Pipes Exposed to Extreme Temperatures

When the temperature increases or decreases, the water pipes in your home go through a lot, leading to wear and tear. For example, too high a temperature can burn the lines, while freezing temperatures can lead to cracks in the pipes. Therefore, not insulating the pipes to protect them from extreme temperatures can be a mistake.

Avoid these mistakes to make sure your water lines are safe against multiple factors that can lead to water line damage.

How to Prevent Water Line Damage?

Clean the Pipes From Time to Time

As mentioned earlier, water brings along a variety of minerals that can cause damage to pipes over a period of time. Apart from that, mould growth inside the pipes degrades the water quality, resulting in health issues. Therefore, it is advised to hire a reliable plumber in Long Beach to clean your water lines. Do it periodically, depending upon the quality of water supplied to your home.

Use Water Softener

If you get a little hard water in your area, you may invest in a water filtration system or water softener. It filters contaminants and other harmful microorganisms that can enter your plumbing system and damage the pipes over time. By doing that, you not only protect the pipes from getting damaged but also get to use good-quality water throughout your home. Even you can contact us for the garbage disposal repair in Anaheim, CA.

Observe Water Line Issues

Some water line problems might not be evident, but some can be seen or felt if you look at your water lines closely. For example, if you realise a sudden change in pressure or if it starts fluctuating, it is a sign that there might be a problem with the pipes. Similarly, water leaks, strange sounds in pipes, and damp walls are signs that your water lines are damaged.

Get a Professional Inspection on Time

If you see some signs of water line damage but sit on it without doing much about it, the problem will only grow to the extent that you would need to replace the plumbing pipes. Therefore, it is best to call a professional plumbing contractor in Anaheim, CA, for a thorough inspection and appropriate solutions.

Always Hire Professionals For Repair Works

If you hire unprofessional plumbers who are not trained but claim that they are the best, you might make a mistake as they might not do the job efficiently. For instance, they might use a poor-quality component to join your pipes or might not use plumbing tapes to tighten the valves entirely, etc. Always hire professional plumbing services to avoid the risk of water line damage in the future.

If you are looking for plumbers, look no further than Power Pro Plumbing. We have experienced and skilled plumbers who can meet all your plumbing needs with the utmost professionalism. To learn more about us and get a quote, dial 866-627-9647.