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Common Water Heater Noises

Common Water Heater Noises

The water heater is a crucial HVAC system in today’s day and age. Like any HVAC system, it is necessary to maintain it well for a longer lifespan and better efficiency. However, a water heater is prone to some damages and faults over time, and it is common to hear some noises. 

One can solve some issues at home without the need for any professional assistance. However, it is always advisable to contact professional plumbers in Long Beach, California since it would not only repair the water heater in a better way but also save it from any further potential damages. 

Water Heater Noises

Below listed are the types of noises that your water heater makes.

  • Humming

Humming sounds from a water heater indicate that the elements of the system are unsecured. This happens due to the vibrations occurring within the hot water unit, and the easiest solution for this is first to turn the water heater off and secure the components firmly. It is very important to be cautious while dealing with a water heater since you can land some serious injury.

  • Knocking and Hammering

Water hammering indicates that water is striking into the shutoff valves too speedily. The most basic thing that you can try is to purchase a water hammer arrestor that is easy to install and fix. 

  • Screaming and Screeching

These voices could indicate that there might be a problem with the check valves in the water lines. When the check valves do not fully open, the water is forced to squeeze through, and it builds pressure and causes noise. It can also indicate water flow restriction. A way to resolve this would be to check valves and ensure they can open and close properly. 

  • Tapping

A tapping noise might indicate that the check valves need to be adjusted or replaced. It can also designate a colossal issue with the sediment buildup within the water tank. Heat traps can also cause a tapping noise. 

  • Popping, Cracking, or Gurgling

Such sounds indicate that the water heater has excess mineral deposits and sediments underneath the water tank and needs to be swabbed. 

Other noises also include:

  • Crackling sounds that happen in a gas water heater due to condensation of the burner and cannot be resolved.
  • Sizzling sounds can happen due to a leak in the water heater.
  • Rumbling sounds that can happen due to an increase in the water temperature. 

In such cases, it is always important to contact a trained professional since they can do the repairs well so that you don’t have to face the same problem repeatedly. For this purpose, we have your back. Power Pro is a plumbing, heating, and air service provider based in Cerritos, California.


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