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Ductless AC Replacement In Cerritos, CA

Ductless AC Replacement In Cerritos, Gardena, Anaheim, CA and Surrounding Areas

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Power Pro Plumbing has some of the best people who can get your ductless AC replaced. We know how to get things done right so you can get back to your life and enjoy having a nice cool home. It’s not just a matter of creature comfort, it’s becoming a necessity in order for us to function normally. It is essential that you get your ductless mini-split replaced so you don’t have to suffer a heat stroke and get sent to the hospital, especially this day and age.

We at Power Pro Plumbing have the necessary training, resources, equipment and certifications required get the work done right. We will also make sure you get it done as soon as you schedule us, we have no desire to keep our customers waiting to have their AC replaced. But how do you know it needs to be replaced instead of needing a simple repair job? Why should you get a ductless mini-split AC over another system? We have a few answers for those questions.

What Year Did You Buy Your AC?

Age is another one of those seemingly unimportant factors when it comes to getting your AC repaired or replaced. It’s actually an often overlooked factor. Older AC’s are extreme energy hogs and have been known to make heating bills skyrocket even when you give them proper maintenance. If you have a ductless mini-split from the 80s or 90s, you should get it replaced ASAP as these ACs are known for using 30% — 50% more energy than today’s models. According to the Department of Energy, even replacing an AC as recent as 10 years old, you can save as much as 20 — 40% on your monthly energy bill. That’s no small chump change.

Why waste all of your money on an unnecessarily high bill just to keep your home cool when you can have a newer model that will save you tons of cash in the long run?

How Many Problems Keep Coming Up?

Does it always seem like there’s something wrong with it? Your ductless AC may be telling you it’s on its last leg and you should get it replaced. As any AC gets older, problems are bound to occur. Your AC can take its toll even from simply turning it on and off repeatedly throughout the hot seasons. The more you need to use it, the more wear and tare it suffers. Even simply replacing the air filters will eventually stop working because your AC’s motor or coolant refuses to work again.

You don’t want your ductless AC to stop working on you in the middle of a massive heatwave, which we are sure to get this year. An AC which can’t keep you cool isn’t going to help you feel any better nor will it help you breathe better. By having a newer one installed, your filters are much more thorough at keeping out all of those unwanted pollens, dust and other particles from entering your home.

Save Another 20% — 50% Simply By Getting A High Efficiency AC

You might pay slightly more in the up front cost, but ductless high efficiently ACs will help you save even more money. The high efficiency models are much better at regulating the humidity in your home, and they tend to run longer. By having a more energy efficient AC, you can keep running all of your appliances without worrying about having any of them succumb to overheating. We all need our electronics and appliances, but running them all at once and in hot weather can be problematic. Not anymore!

Get A Programmable Thermostat And Save Another 10%

Yes, you read that right. Simply by installing a programmable thermostat can help you save an average of 10% on your heating bill. Save yourself some money in the long term and make it even easier to control the temperature in your home.

Want To Save Another 15%? Get An Energy Star!

This special ductless AC system are even more effective than the standard models. By having a model which is 15% more effective at using energy to cool your home, you can keep it running even longer and save another bundle of bills from your heating bill.

Consider Where It Will Be Installed

Believe it or not, even simply placing your new ductless AC matters in the efficiency of cooling your home. Unlike the classic window AC’s, ductless mini-splits can have multiple units attached to each other which can make your home cool off even quicker! However, like the window AC’s they need to be installed in several locations throughout your house. Don’t forget, warm air rises and cool air sinks. Make sure your second level has its own AC system to help properly cool the upstairs rooms as well.

Choose A Ductless Mini-Split For Your Home

Maybe you have a different AC system in your home and you haven’t made up your mind as to which one you want yet. A ductless mini-split system might be the way to go. Like a central AC, the ductless mini-split as an internal and an external component. This way, you keep any drainage and leaks completely on the outside of your home and not have to worry about coolant leaks on the inside! They can be more effective than a room AC as well, since a room AC can cost your energy bill an additional 10% if it isn’t installed properly.

As the name suggest, ductless AC’s are ductless. Which means you don’t have to worry about any cool air leaking simply because one of the ducts seals has bent open or have to worry about cleaning out your ducts just to prevent dust from floating throughout your home.

If you live in the Greater LA, South Bay, Orange County or Ontario of California, give us a call and one of our expert AC mechanics will help you with all of your ductless mini-split AC replacement needs!

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