How to Eliminate Sewer Odor From Your Home

How to Eliminate Sewer Odor From Your Home

Are you worried about the stench ruining the beauty of your home? Are you wondering how to get rid of that obnoxious smell? If that is the case, read on to know what might be responsible and how you could fix it.

How to Get Rid of Sewer Odor From Your Home

Sewage odor can be sickening, and it is not an understatement. You are worried about it, and you seek a quick fix for it. Get in touch with a plumbing contractor in Anaheim, CA for plumbing needs.

Let’s get started then:

  • Defective Drain Pipes: Sewer odors may sneak out through the cracks in drain pipes. There are two options to deal with this problem, and you might use some professional help by looking for sewer line repair in Cerritos, CA for technical work:
  1. Sewer line repair in Long Beach, CA (also known as structural pipelining) is a minimally-invasive, trenchless method for repairing damaged sewer lines. It can be done in just a few hours with minimal digging.
  2. Pipe-bursting- The structural integrity of a broken sewer pipe is insufficient for pipelining. In such situations, a trenchless technique known as pipe bursting may also be used to replace the pipe.
  • Bacteria in Your Drain Pipes: Microscopic bacteria dwell everywhere, and they grow into agglomerates. These include lumps of food, hair, grease, and everything else that has the potential to clog your pipes. It can start to stink pretty badly after a while. If water is pooling in your sink or draining out slowly, it is time to clean the pipes.
    The best way to clean them is to either use a plunger or a plumbing snake, easily available in any hardware store. You might also use chemicals like hot water, baking soda with vinegar, or bleaching powder. In case the problem still exists, you can seek help at drain cleaning Gardena, CA.
  • Dry Drain Traps: Your drainage system is provided with a U-shaped pipe. One can spot it in the cupboard under the kitchen sink. Have you ever wondered why it’s in the form of a U? It is shaped that way to trap water and prevent sewage gas from rising through the pipe and into your house. There is a fair chance that the trap might dry out if it is not regularly drained. The accumulated gas may find a way to escape the pipeline in the absence of water to check it. Make sure to keep the drain trap full of water.
  • Obstructed Vent Pipes: Vent pipes serve as regulators to check the air pressure in the drainage system of your house. Air is necessary to facilitate the easy circulation of wastewater. Natural debris like snow, leaves, dust, etc., can impede this movement, resulting in the accumulation of sewage in the sewer line where it meets the vent. Be sure to check the vent shaft for any obstruction. You can look up hydro jetting Cerritos, CA, for a quick fix.

Sewer odor can get unpleasant if unchecked. However, just because your house has a bad smell doesn’t mean you have a major plumbing issue. It may be a minor problem that you can resolve on your own. And if you need to hire a specialist, there’s a chance it’ll be a simple fix. You can connect with Power Pro Plumbing for more help.

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