How to Fix Gurgling Kitchen Sink

How to Fix Gurgling Kitchen Sink

A gurgling sink is the last thing you would like to fix in the comfort of your own house. That annoying gurgling sound coming from your kitchen sink might be a sign of worse troubles down all the way to the drainage system. And If you want a professional plumbing company to handle the situation, call Power Pro Plumbing to set up an appointment. 

As you know, this is a common issue faced by most households, do not disregard the noise because it is a frequent indication of a problem. If you hear gurgling noises coming from your kitchen sink, it’s time to look into leak detection services in Long Beach, CA. Your pals at Power Pro Plumbing are always willing to assist, so we’ve put together this guide on how to get rid of that annoying noise. 

Analyze the Situation of These Strange Gurgling Noises

Let’s attempt drain cleaning before we start repairing it. Determine whether the noise is coming from the kitchen sink or anything impacting all of the drains.

The problem is with your plumbing vent. If you are dealing with serious plumbing issues, filling all the sinks and tubs with water creates gurgling sounds. It is blocked. It’s also possible that the sewage pipe has become plugged. A clogged sewage line is a job best left to an experienced and well-equipped plumbing company in Long Beach, CA.

If the noise is coming just from the kitchen sink, you may be able to remedy the problem.

Examine the P-trap, and Here is How You Do It

The P-trap is a bent section of the drainpipe located beneath the sink; it holds a small amount of water that might be contaminated with food or debris. It is also a location that is prone to blockages. Even a partial clog in the P-trap can generate gurgling sounds and hinder drainage. 

It’s not difficult to unclog the kitchen sink drain. In many circumstances, you can clear clogs by removing the P-trap, but you may need to use a drain snake.

Deeper clogs will necessitate more advanced instruments. However, a drain auger may suffice. Allow the water to run continuously for a few minutes to clear the obstruction. The trash will be pushed out of the drainage pipe and into the sewage pipe by the increased water pressure. 

On the other hand, We do not recommend our client’s chemical drain cleaners, as they contain harsh chemicals that might damage your drains and create leakage so, you will have to contact leak detection services.

Want Long-Term Relief From This Unwanted Gurgling Alarm?

The gurgling sound will mostly go away using the procedures listed above, but the noises may return. Consider hiring a professional drain cleaning in Long Beach if you want long-term respite from this annoyance. 

Call us immediately to arrange an appointment according to your convenience or request an emergency plumbing service. Power Pro Plumbing uses safe and advanced technology to thoroughly clean drains.

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