How to Fix the Leaky Pipes Until Your Plumber Arrives

Leaking pipes can be annoying and lead to high water bills as the water continues to flow into the drain. Apart from that, when water pipes leak water within the walls, it can not only damage the walls and their paint but also lead to mold growth, which produces odors and degrade your indoor air quality.

However, if you find that your pipes are leaking water, there’s a lot you can do to fix them temporarily by the time your plumber arrives for a permanent fix. However, before that, let’s discuss how leaking pipes affect your home and what common types of water leakages look like. So contact our experts for the plumbers in Long Beach, California.

Damaging Results of Leaky Pipes

A minor water leak in your bathroom can damage the inner building of the walls, leading to seepage, which can further lose the friction between the wall and tiles (if your bathroom walls have tiles). Not only that, a heavily leaking pipe in your kitchen can quickly fill up the floor of your drawing room or common area, damaging your rugs and furniture items.

All types of water pipe leaks can also result in a lot of water being wasted, skyrocketing your water bills. Therefore, in such a situation, look for a reliable plumbing contractor in Cerritos, CA, to fix the problem well in time.

Common Types of Water Leakages

Toilet Leaks

Toilet leaks are one of the most commonly encountered water leakage problems. A leaky toilet can bring a huge difference in your monthly water bills, increasing them by a significant amount. You can determine if your toilet is leaking water if your bathroom floor has water, even after wiping it out completely. Apart from that, you can see it running even when the flush handle is up.

Leaking Faucets or Fixtures

Another common water leakage problem is a leaky faucet or fixture. Leaking taps can annoy you as no one likes the sound of water dripping, and they can also make you feel bad as you see a lot of water getting wasted every day. Even though it leaks in small amounts, it accumulates gallons of water wasted daily. A leaking faucet is completely visible, and you don’t need to put much effort into identifying it. You may try fixing it by tightening it with a wrench, but if you can’t, you would need to contact certified plumbers in Cerritos for a complete solution.

Leaking Showerhead

It is common for showers to drip for a few seconds after you use them as it will pour the water remaining inside the pipe. If you find it running or even dripping water in drops, consider it a showerhead leak, which will keep your water meter running and increase your bills. It can happen due to multiple reasons, such as a worn-out washer inside the showerhead, or its knob might have loosened up, being unable to stop the water from going into the shower pipe.

Outdoor Water Leaks

You might think that your garage or garden hose leaking water will not do much harm. If yes, you are wrong. An outdoor leak can create a small flood-like situation in your garden and in the basement too. As the water level grows, it can seep into your walls, damaging them significantly. Even if an outdoor water outlet or pipe drips slowly and you might not notice it for days, it can also lead to high water bills. So contact our technicians for leak detection services in Long Beach, CA.

Fixing Leaky Pipes Until Your Plumber Arrives

You might have your own solutions in mind, which might or might not have worked for the problems you experienced in the past. However, before you bring out your tools and start to fix leaky pipes, make sure to turn off the water supply to that specific pipe or area – for instance, kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, garden, garage, etc.

Here are a few tips you can use to fix leaking pipes temporarily before your plumber arrives:

Use Pipe Clamps

If the leaking pipe is visible to you and easily accessible, consider getting a pipe clamp from your nearest hardware store and using it to fix the pipe temporarily. Most sewer line repair in Norwalk, CA would use pipe clamps to fix minor pipe leaking issues. But some leaks might require pipe replacement that you would not be able to do. Using a pipe clamp will stop the water by the time your plumber arrives.

Tape it Up

You can get plumbing tape and wrap it around the pipe, typically on the spot from where the water is leaking out of the pipe. It will work as a temporary fix, allowing you enough time to wait for your plumber.

Install Pipe Connectors

Many times, water leaks are found in the pipe joints. If that is the case with your leaky pipe problem, you can use a pipe connector to fix it. This resolution is suggested only if you have used such techniques in the past. Even you can contact us for garbage disposal repair in La Mirada.

Apply Epoxy Compounds

You can use epoxy and patch the leaky pipe. All you need to do is make sure the pipe is dry. It will take a few minutes for the epoxy to dry, which will stop leakage by the time your plumber arrives and fixes it permanently.

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