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What is the Meaning of HVAC?

HVAC, short for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning, is an appliance used in residential and commercial buildings for both heating and cooling purposes. HVAC systems are made of mechanical parts that consume power using electrical components. Here are some of the main components (both electrical and mechanical) of an HVAC unit.

• Thermostat
• Furnace and Blower Motor
• Heat Exchanger
• Evaporator Coil
• Refrigerant Lines
• Compressor
• Condensing Unit
• Ductwork
• Return and Supply Registers

HVAC Contractors

Companies that provide HVAC services are called HVAC contractors or HVAC companies. As you hire an HVAC contractor in La Mirada, CA, they will provide you with an HVAC system that works for both winter and summer seasons.

HVAC companies are further divided into categories – residential and commercial. Since commercial properties are completely different from residential properties, HVAC contractors usually provide services to either homeowners or customers in the commercial sector. However, there are some companies that offer both residential and light-commercial, and even heavy-commercial HVAC services.

HVAC Equipment Installation, Replacement, Maintenance, and Repair

HVAC systems are sizable appliances that typically require certified and trained professionals for their installation, maintenance, and repair. Therefore, as you purchase an HVAC system, you are not able to install it on your own and will need a professional HVAC company for the job. In fact, many HVAC companies also provide complete support in selecting the most suitable system for your home or office.

When you choose a trusted HVAC contractor like Power Pro Plumbing, you can rest assured regarding your HVAC professional offering proper installation. They will visit your property for an assessment to determine your needs. The type of HVAC you should get depends on the number of rooms in your home/office, the number of doors and windows in those rooms, laws related to structural changes (if required), and more. Once they collect this very important information, professionals will assist you in selecting the best HVAC.

The technical team then, will visit your home with your new HVAC system for installation at the given time and start the work, including installing wiring and circuit board connections and the condensate drain line to the final test run.

• HVAC Replacement

Replacing an old HVAC system with a new one is a challenging job. Your HVAC contractor will first check your old HVAC unit and discuss with you all the changes they might need to make with the old one’s location. It might take several hours to disassemble the old HVAC and remove it entirely from your house, especially if the system is more than 10-15 years old. Then, they will install the system you choose, ensuring you receive complete comfort.

• HVAC Maintenance

As mentioned above, HVAC is an appliance, and like other major appliances at your home, HVAC systems also require periodic maintenance. Core purposes of maintenance involve keeping the system’s efficiency maintained and warranty valid, ensuring a long lifespan, smooth and safe functioning, avoiding the cost of expensive HVAC repair in Anaheim.

During the HVAC maintenance, professional HVAC technicians thoroughly inspect your system, clean it, lubricate moving parts, and tighten loose wiring. The inspection includes checking:

• Electrical connections
• Thermostat functioning
• Safe and steady functionality
• Air filters
• Indoor and outdoor coils
• Blower motor functioning
• Refrigerant levels

If there’s a need for any repair or part replacement, the technicians will do it with your approval.

• HVAC Repair

HVAC systems sometimes need repair work, especially when they are not maintained properly and when you use them beyond their life expectancy. In some cases, an HVAC system can surpass its lifespan but only when it is regularly and professionally maintained.

Let’s take dirty air filters as a small example; extremely dirty air filters are considered clogged as they restrict airflow. As a result, you not only experience insufficient cooling or heating in your rooms, but the system will also have to work hard to meet your needs. Functioning under a load for a long time often results in internal damage or malfunction that is fixed by professional technicians offering HVAC repair in Cerritos, CA. There can be many other reasons for an HVAC repair.

How to Choose an HVAC System?

There’s a wide variety of HVAC systems available on the market. They vary in size and models from a wide range of manufacturers. As selecting one for your home can be challenging, let us make it a little easier for you. You need to consider multiple crucial things about the system you choose, including its efficiency, suitable size according to the size of your home, price, rating, etc. To determine an HVAC’s efficiency rating, you should check its SEER rating, which is Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. You are advised to choose one that has a SEER rating of at least 15.

While you may ask your friends, colleagues, or neighbors about their cooling and heating equipment and how their experience has been, you can always count on professionals like certified HVAC technicians at Power Pro Plumbing. We offer top-quality HVAC services at affordable prices and can guide you to choose the best HVAC for your home or light-commercial property. Call us today for a consultation – dial 866-627-9647.