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Know Why Your Plumbing Pipes Are Making Strange Noises

Know Why Your Plumbing Pipes Are Making Strange Noises

The plumbing pipe system is the part of your house which is a tedious job to maintain and repair. When repairing comes up, we tend to try some hacks and DIYs to solve the issue, but in many cases, it is best to leave the job to a professional and a service expert. 

The most common problems of the plumbing system include blocked drains and toilets, leaky faucets, water pressure issues, and a running toilet. Reach out to the plumbing contractors in Anaheim, CA.

Recognizing these issues is important, and the pipes usually make strange noises when there is something wrong. Problems with different pipe parts make different noises, and knowing this is important in acknowledging the area of concern. 

Noises Made by Plumbing Pipes

Here are listed some types of noises that your plumbing pipes make. Check if your pipes are making these types of noises.

  • Banging

Banging noise usually means that there is a problem with the water pressure or water flow. It happens due to a water hammer which occurs due to a faucet or a valve shut off suddenly and trapped air bubbles. It usually occurs when you first turn on or off a faucet. 

  • Humming or Thrumming

Humming and thumping noises can be heard when the pipe starts vibrating due to too high water pressure. The vibration of the pipe is what causes the humming sound. It is important to check the water pressure and ensure that it does not exceed 55-80 per square inch. 

  • Gurgling 

The pipes which have difficulty in draining usually make a gurgling or giggling sound. This can indicate the presence of some obstruction in the pipes. This can be caused due to an item accidentally washed down the drain, built-up soap foam, or other particles and debris. 

  • Rattling

Pipes usually go behind walls, ceilings, and floors. The pipes that hang suspended must be securely locked. When the fastener becomes loose and falls away, it makes a rattling noise in the pipe. 

  • Squeaking or Whistling 

Squeaking and whistling noises are caused when a component of the plumbing system wears out. Usually, the broken and worn washers occur near the dishwasher or the washing machine. A whistling toilet that quiets down after the tank is filled requires a new ballock valve. 

Other noises include squawking or rubbing that indicate that the copper pipes are not insulated properly and dripping or ticking noises that indicate a drain issue or a plumbing system leak. 

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