Most Common Household Plumbing Mistakes

Most Common Household Plumbing Mistakes

A smooth plumbing line keeps working in the background and makes our daily lives easier. Now imagine having a leaky faucet or a clogged drain and all the mess. Clogged drains can result from our careless behavior towards these pipelines, causing more trouble for us.

We have professionals offering plumbing services in Long Beach, CA to clean up our mess, we need to understand where we go wrong daily. So, we explain some of the common mistakes made in plumbing so that you can be extra careful!

Common Household Plumbing Mistakes

When plumbing issues arise, we usually tend to take matters into our own hands. Though this is helpful, there are some things to be careful of while tending to them ourselves. Let’s look at some of the household plumbing mistakes we make:

No Filter or Screen for Drains

We don’t pay attention to most of the materials we dispose of in our drains. These materials, be it food particles or chemical agents, either end up clogging the drainpipe or damaging its interiors by grease accumulation. An appropriate filter of the required pore size can prevent small debris from entering the drain.

Water Type

The pipes we use are metallic and therefore highly sensitive to water sources. Calcium and magnesium are a few of the many minerals which exist in hard water. A pipeline transporting hard water ends up having a whitish appearance which is a sign of damage.

Continuous exposure to hard water causes the pipe to corrode. To avoid this, it is always best to seek the help of professionals and contact a plumbing contractor in Cerritos, CA.

Toilet Dump

Many of us think the toilet is a wormhole that can make anything disappear when in reality, it is not. People throw many plastic items and cloth materials like sanitary napkins, q-tips, tissue papers, etc., which may not be completely flushed. They get stuck in the pipes causing a water log in the toilet.

Chemical Drain Cleaners

Strong chemicals definitely can release the clogged sludges and dissolve the grease, but eventually, they cause more harm to the pipe. These chemicals erode the metal surfaces and weaken the pipes even more. Instead, maintaining regular cleaning intervals using a drain snake provides a better chance at saving your pipeline and removing your clogs.

Overturning or Overtightening 

While handling valves, it is always necessary to shut them off, but gently. During our DIY plumbing adventures, we over-tighten the valves or screws. It is a bad practice as this ends up weakening the groove. Sometimes, unknowingly overtightening can cause a crack in the fitting, and this causes gradual problems.

Plumbing is a skill, and unless we have the right tools and the required experience, it is not easy to do a good job. And problems with plumbing affect the entire house. Always opt for professional plumbing services in Cerritos, CA, and save yourself from huge plumbing expenses in the future.

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