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Ordinary Plumbing Problems in Older Houses

Ordinary Plumbing Problems in Older Houses

Old houses always have a character to them and give a vintage feel. Plus, they are a lot cheaper and sturdy, built with top-quality material. But, sometimes living in old houses can be a headache.

One of the main issues that one can experience is the ordinary damage that requires plumbing. Get the services of gas leak repair Gardena CA. Some of them are listed below.

Plumbing Problems Related To Pipelines

People in the old times used different materials to install pipelines within their houses. These pipelines never proved to be of any help. Some of them are listed below – 

  •  Lead

According to the Safe Drinking Water Act amended by Congress in 1986, lead in pipes, solder and flux were prohibited. A high quantity of lead present in drinking water is dangerous for human beings, especially for children, hindering their body development.

  •  Polybutylene

Polybutylene is a plastic manufactured material that was used between 1975 and 1996 as pipelines. However, later it was outlawed due to the allegations surfacing that it causes property damage.

  •  Galvanized Steel

Galvanized steel is zinc-coated steel. Until 1990 these were extensively used to build pipelines. Soon it was banned. An article in Paint Square stated that these pipelines are responsible for lead content in water.

  •  Iron Piping

According to a report presented by WHO, the rust produced due to the reaction of iron with water results in an unpalatable taste and smell, making it undesirable to drink. Thus the use of iron pipes was discouraged.

PEX, PVC, APEX are some of the materials that are used nowadays as pipelines in homes. To install a new set of pipelines, contact a plumbing contractor in Cerritos, CA.

  • The Failing Sewer Lines

Failing of sewer lines in old houses is common. Foul smell and clogged lines are the only ways to identify such problems. A collapsed sanitary sewer system can cost you tremendously in repair. A trenchless sewer repair is what you need to do. It improves the functioning of the sewer and is a cleaner, less invasive process. We also provide services for drain cleaning Long Beach.

  • The Damaged Fixtures and Fittings

Usually, old houses have outdated and damaged fixtures. If the house has not undergone repair for a long time, problems like supply line connections and faucets are natural. Thus, before moving into an old house, it is advisable to fix these first by consulting a plumber in Long Beach.

  • Installation Of A Vent System

Installing a vent system will help monitor the air pressure in the plumbing system and allow the gases to escape outside rather than release inside.

  • Sewer Bellies

Sewer bellies are the water collected due to inadequate slope percentage in one or more sections of drains. Bellies can result in complete failure of the sewage system and can cause blockage or backup.

Installation of plumbing with proper bedding is the key to avoid sewer/pipe bellies. 

Thus, plumbing problems like these must not be ignored and should be worked upon immediately. Plumbing services in Cerritos, CA, sewer, and drains are easily available by Power Pro Plumbing. Connect with them by visiting their website, or by calling the number on their website!