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Reasons For Water Leakage Through Ceiling Post-Showers

Reasons For Water Leakage Through Ceiling Post-Showers

Do you often face problems like sagging ceiling drywall, the bubbling of plaster walls, or even discoloration of the ceiling walls in your bathroom, especially after a shower? Then there is a need to take immediate action. One of the most obvious reasons can be the leakage of water from the ceiling.

Let Us Look At Some Of The Possibilities Behind The Leakage.


An O-ring is made in use to block paths that may allow water to flow through it. These act as a seal in pipe connections to prevent any type of leakage. Checking O-rings for any damage can prove to be helpful.

Clogged Drains.

In case clogging occurs, water tends to back up inside the drain pipe. This standing water can result in leakage through the seals and caulks at the pipe joints.

The Leaking Water Pipes.

One of the common reasons behind leakage in bathrooms can be either damaged pipes or loose joints in pipes. Water pipelines play a vital role as it is the only source that brings water in the bathroom from the main water tank. Cracks, corrosion, misalignment, loose joints are some of the factors that can lead to leakage in water pipes. It is advisable to consult local plumbers in Cerritos if such a situation arises.

Broken Wax Ring of The Toilet.

Bad odor coming from the toilet, water being collected around the toilet base are some of the indications of damaged wax rings in your toilet seat. Broken wax rings can also damage the ceiling of the bathroom just right below your bathroom. Calling a plumber right away is the only solution to the problem. Get leak detection services Cerritos CA.

Bathroom Tiles

Those beautiful, designer bathroom tiles in your bathroom are not just to decorate your bathroom but also serve the purpose of preventing the water from seeping into the walls and avoid leakage of water. Broken or damaged tiles could be one of the reasons you should look for them.

Faulty Shower Faucets/Valves.

If you have a bathroom upstairs and you see water stains on the ceiling of your room, then probably, it is due to faults in shower faucets/valves. Fault in these faucets or valves could be due to corrosion or wear and tear of the equipment. These water stains or water leakage usually occurs when someone is showering.


Yet another common reason behind the leakage of water is either improper installation of washers or its bad condition. The washer pushes against the valve seal, which results in its damage and ultimately leads to dripping water. Step by step, proper installation is the only solution to the problem. Power Pro Plumbing is a renowned plumbing contractor Cerritos CA.

Do You Need To Take Immediate Action For Such Problems?

Yes, absolutely. The problem of leaking water or the occurrence of water stains on the ceiling of your room needs to be treated with immediate effect. A proactive approach to such troubles can help you save thousands of dollars and any further potential damage.

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