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Tips & Tricks – When Your AC Unit Won’t Turn On

Tips & Tricks – When Your AC Unit Won’t Turn On

Everybody wishes to begin the warm summer season in a relaxed and comfortable zone with their air conditioners working in excellent condition to keep them cool throughout the summer. However, this cooling comfort can vanish if your air conditioner shows signs of malfunction or does not turn on when required the most. This is why experts always suggest that homeowners must schedule routine AC service so that they never encounter any significant problems with their air conditioning units.

Troubleshooting Tips For Air Conditioner Not Turning On 

To troubleshoot your air conditioning unit not turning on, you must start by ensuring that the electric circuit has not tripped. Next, you must inspect the thermostat to make sure that it’s operating accurately. Listed below are some of the troubleshooting tips you can attempt before calling a professional for air conditioner repair in Cerritos, CA – 

  • Inspect the Air Vents.

The initial troubleshooting tip you must try when your air conditioning unit is not turning on is checking the air vents. In this step, you should examine the air vents to ensure that they are free from dust and dust.

Any kind of blockage in the air vents can reduce the airflow coming from the unit and eventually lead to the air conditioner not turning on. In addition to this, these blocked air vents can further damage other vital components of an AC. Hence, it is essential to clean the vents either by yourself or by calling technicians for maintenance and AC repair in Anaheim to fix this problem.

  • Check the Thermostat For Any Glitches.

Another tip you must follow to fix an air conditioner not switching on is inspecting the thermostat. If your thermostat is not working well or inadequately calibrated, it can be a prominent reason for AC not turning on.

For rectifying this problem, you can try setting the temperature of your thermostat at the lowest. However, if the air conditioner still does not turn on, it’s perhaps time to call your air conditioner repair technician. They will presumably replace or recalibrate the thermostat. We offer emergency AC repair Cerritos CA.

  • Take a Look at The Condenser.

The condenser of an air conditioner unit holds a vital task to perform. It is responsible for dislodging the heat extracted from the air by discharging it outside. The condenser coil is further an essential component of your outdoor system, which indicates it’s flashed to sediment, filth, and several contaminants that make it greasy.

If the air conditioner coils are dirty, it will prevent heat transfer and make your air conditioning system function harder. Hence it is important to clean the condenser of your air conditioning unit regularly.

After looking at all the points mentioned above, it becomes evident that the proper upkeep of your air conditioning unit can always prevent your unit from turning off abruptly. Hence, you must never overlook the preventive maintenance of your air conditioning unit. We also provide plumbers in Cerritos for your plumbing needs.

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