Ways to Fix Brownish Tap Water Issue

Ways to Fix Brownish Tap Water Issue

Is your tap water looking a little brownish or rusty? If the answer is yes, there are more than a few reasons for the issue. For instance, your tap water might have turned brownish because of corroded pipes or excessive mineral buildup. There could be other possible reasons too. The good news is that rusty tap water is not as bad as you may think, and you can continue using the water with certain precautions until the problem gets fixed. But before we get to the ways of fixing rusty water issues, let us first understand, in detail, what causes tap water to appear brownish.

First Things First! Here’s Why Your Tap Water Appears Rusty

Tap water contains small quantities of naturally occurring minerals such as manganese and iron. And as long as these minerals are in limited quantities, the tap water remains crystal clear. But when the amount of minerals exceeds in tap water, the tap water turns brownish or rusty. The good thing is that these minerals do not pose any health concerns, but they may make the water smell and taste a little weird. Therefore, we suggest you get the water quality inspected by a plumbing services in La Mirada, CA.

What Causes the Sudden Mineral Increase in Tap Water?

When water flows through pipes, some minerals present in the water tend to settle at the bottom of the pipes over time. Later, when there is an increase in speed or change of direction of water flow, it causes a stir that leads to the mineral sediments being re-suspended in the water, resulting in excess minerals in the water.

So, what can cause changes to water flow in the pipes? When there’s a pipe leak, the water flow will be affected due to a change in water pressure. The settled mineral sediments are stirred in maintenance operations such as the routine cleaning of water tanks, flushing service pipes in buildings, and testing fire hydrants. This can also cause water to flow faster than usual and, in the process, stir up the settled mineral sediments.

Is Brown Water Harmful?

Brown or rusty tap water can be quite unsettling, mainly if you use it for drinking or cooking. But as we mentioned earlier, if the water turns brownish because of excess minerals, it is not as harmful as it may seem. But even though brown tap water doesn’t pose any health threat to you and your family, we strongly advise you to filter and boil the water before consuming it. It’s best to call a plumbers in Cerritos, CA, to resolve the issue first.

That said, rusty water is not suitable for washing clothes. It can even cause damage to your fixtures, such as taps and faucets. That’s because brown water contains excess iron, which can damage the clothes and cause the fixtures to rust. In addition, the rust buildup in the pipe due to excess iron can also lead to corrosion and cracks in your pipe. Similarly, you should avoid using brown water to wash clothes in your washing machine as it can lead to scaling issues in the machine.

Ways to Get Rid of Brownish Tap Water

There are three main possibilities when you experience a brown water issue.

Here’s what you need to do under different circumstances:

Brown Water is Coming from Both Hot and Cold-Water Taps

In this scenario, you need to call your water supply company to check for ongoing maintenance or repair work. If the company confirms the same, wait for their work to finish. Once the repair or maintenance work is over, run your taps for a few minutes until the brown water disappears and you start receiving crystal clear water as earlier. If no repair or maintenance work is happening, then call a plumbing services in Long Beach, CA for a complete inspection of your water tanks and pipes.

The Brown Water is Coming Only from the Hot Water Tap

If the brown water comes only through your hot water tap, the issue might be with your heating tank. First, try draining your hot water tank as there’s a high probability of a sediment buildup in your hot water tank, causing the brown water to flow through your hot water taps. Also, check if the issue is because of a corroded anode. For all these checks and cleanups, it’s best to call a plumbing contractor in Cerritos, CA.

The Brown Water is Coming Only from the Cold-Water Tap

If only the cold water is discolored, run the cold water taps at full pressure for a few minutes. The problem will be resolved if the issue is due to rust and mineral dislodged in your home’s pipes. But if the water doesn’t clear in 10-15 minutes, then call a plumbing company, for a complete water line and tank inspection.

If you are facing a brown water issue and are looking for a plumbing company, we at Power Pro Plumbing are here to help. Give us a call at (866) 627-9647. You can also book an appointment online and get a special $25 for online booking.

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