What Can I Do To Reduce My Energy Costs In The Winter?

The winter months are often associated with more expensive energy bills for Anaheim heating and air conditioning homeowners. Making your home energy efficient does not just mean impacting the environment; it can also impact your pocket since it will reduce the energy you spend.

Certain changes are easy, such as replacing air filters, whereas others can greatly affect your home’s energy efficiency, like upgrading your HVAC. No matter how small modifications you make can decrease your monthly energy bills and carbon footprint.

What Should I Do In The Winter To Cut My Energy Costs?

It’s essential to save energy during winter to reduce your electricity bills and carbon footprint. Furnace replacement experts in Cerritos suggest different methods to save energy when the temperature dips.

Use Free Solar Energy.

The sun gives us free, clean energy; you don’t need solar panels to harness it. Open your curtains and blinds once the sun shines, and let the sunlight enter your home.

Dress To Stay Warm

The easiest method of warming up in the winter season won’t cost one cent to your heating bills. Furnace replacement technicians in Cerritos advise dressing in warm clothes, like sweatshirts, pants, and socks, to stay warm without increasing the temperature on the thermostat.

Reduce Air Leakage

Air leakage is the most common cause of energy inefficiency in Anaheim heating and air conditioning devices. It occurs when warm air in the winter escapes outside, making your heating system perform more. An energy audit of your home can find the sources of air leakage and areas that could be better off with insulation.

Depending on the area you notice air leakage, you might be able to fix the issue using weatherstripping, sealant, or caulk. That will prevent your heating system from working hard to heat the living space.

Keep It Clean

Ensure your radiators and air registers are not blocked by furnishings, drapes, rugs, or other things within your home. Additionally, you should vacuum or dust radiators and registers regularly.

Use Ceiling Fans

Anaheim heating and air conditioning experts advise you not to turn your ceiling fans off during winter. Ceiling fans typically turn counterclockwise, bringing air downwards to keep you cool.

However, the majority of ceiling fans come with reverse switches. That produces an updraft dispersing warm air, gathered at your ceiling, then moving it to where it can warm cold places.

Install A Smart Thermostat.

Install thermostats that can be programmed and set them to turn down the heat in the evening or while you’re away. The most recent smart models can be used with apps for phones which allow you to control the temperature remotely.

Have Your HVAC Serviced.

To ensure that your heating system isn’t giving up in a time of need, ensure that heating tune-up in Cerritos is done by a professional each year. Regular maintenance boosts the performance and efficiency of the HVAC system and ensures that small issues do not result in increased utility costs.

Use Blankets At Night

Heating tune-up experts in Cerritos advise that during the night, turn the thermostat down another couple of degrees. You and your family will remain comfortable under warm blankets. This way, you can save energy by turning down your thermostat 10 to 15 degrees 8 hours per day.

Insulate Your Pipes

The pipes that provide hot water to showers, faucets, and other appliances in your home could lose lots of heat. Heating tune-up experts in Cerritos suggest insulating hot water pipes can increase the water temperature and help you to save energy.

Upgrade Your System

If your heating system is getting old or is nearing its lifespan, it may be time to consider an upgrade. Modern furnaces are built to maximize energy efficiency and will reduce your heating expenses in the long term just by replacing your furnace.

Bottom Line

Reducing energy consumption during winter will aid you in saving money in summer too. That is all about keeping the outside air out and indoor air in, simultaneously reducing the waste of energy. 

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