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What Happens During A Sewer Line Inspection

What Happens During A Sewer Line Inspection

A sewer line inspection is an important step in maintaining your home’s plumbing system. It can help you identify potential problems with your sewer lines and make necessary repairs before they become major issues. By inspecting your sewer lines on a regular basis, you can catch small problems before they turn into big ones. This can save you time and money also in the long run.

Regular sewer inspections and routine maintenance of the sewer lines are a necessary part of owning a home. Whether you need an inspection or a sewer line repair in Norwalk, CAcontact Power Pro Plumbing Heating & Air today!

How Does a Sewer Inspection Work? 

During a sewer inspection, our plumbers will take out a flexible rod with a high-definition camera at the tip and exercise it through the sewer lines present at your place. As the device slowly moves through the pipes, the camera sends back the video of the sewer lines.

This allows our plumbers to inspect the lines for clogs or damages without going through massive measures like cutting the pipes or digging the trenches. Once we determine the main source of the problem, we will create a replacement or a repair plan to fit the needs of your home.

What Happens During a Sewer Inspection?

During a sewer inspection, a plumber will use a camera to inspect the condition of your sewer lines. They will look for any cracks, breaks, or other damage that could cause problems in the future. Once the inspection is complete, the plumber will provide you with a report detailing their findings. If they find any problems, they will recommend repairs or replacement.

Some common issues that can be found during a sewer line inspection include:

  • Cracks in the sewer lines
  • Tree roots growing into the sewer lines
  • Grease buildup inside the sewer lines
  • Sediment buildup inside the sewer lines
  • Collapsed or broken sections of sewer pipe

Why Do You Need a Sewer Inspection?

Small plumbing issues happen every day. While not all minor issues lead to bigger problems, it can be an indicator of something more serious. Most homeowners would agree when it comes to sewer lines, the cost of sewer inspection is absolutely worth it.

Apart from the cost, sewer issues can be both dangerous and messy. Preventing an unpleasant issue or an unnecessary leak by regularly inspecting your drain is easy and quick. You can always opt for drain cleaning in La Mirada, CA, so your sewer lines are well maintained.

When to Get a Sewer Inspected?

It’s suggested to have your sewer inspected roughly once every two years, particularly if you have a large family living in the home and a well-used sewer system. We also recommend that anyone purchasing a new property requests a sewer inspection beforehand to ensure that the home doesn’t come with a damaged sewer line.

Contact us today to schedule plumbing services in La Mirada, CA, and surrounding areas. Our professionals will be happy to help you!