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When Should You Replace Your Sewer Line?

When Should You Replace Your Sewer Line?

It is common to have occasionally clogged sewer pipes or slow-flowing water lines. However, if constant sewer problems occur at your place, this might indicate that a more prominent sewer pipe issue is hiding underground.

Sometimes, it is possible to fix clogs or these sewer line problems by simply cleaning the drains or regular self-maintenance. However, there comes the point when these DIY tips would not help you solve the problems. These problems grow more severe, and you would have to call up experts for sewer line repair in Long Beach, CA.

Signs You Need to Replace Your Sewer Lines

The sewer system is one of the requisite systems in every household and a vital component of daily life. They play an indispensable role in the proper functioning of your plumbing system. This is why when you encounter a ruptured or blocked drain line, you meet a significant plumbing emergency that demands quick action as sewer line replacements are quite the undertaking.

Therefore, it is essential to promptly call experts for plumbing and drain cleaning in Gardena, CAinstead of attempting to fix the problem on your own. Also, to avoid sewer line replacement and repairs, you must always get the sewer line regularly inspected and maintained. Some basic signs that your sewer line needs replacement are mentioned below:

  • The Old Age of the Sewer Pipes

Sewage pipes tend to break more often in old age. If you are unsure about how old your sewer pipelines are, estimate the age of your house. A home constructed 30 to 40 years ago is more prone to demand a sewer line replacement.

  • Long-Term Complications

If you think that the plumbing problems have remained existing for several months or years, there will usually have been plenty of damages that would require a drain line replacement.

On the contrary, if you hold comparatively new sewer pipes and the issues have not been transpiring for an excessively long time, it might just be a simple clog that can be rectified by calling up experts for drain cleaning in Cerritos, CA

  • Water Fixture Fault

If the water is caning up in drains or bathrooms, or there is water pooling in your cellar drains, this is usually an indication of the mainline clog. If there is a blockage in the mainline, it tends to affect all the sewer lines that cannot get fixed by a simple sewer line repair in Cerritos, CA. Hence you would have to plan for your sewer line replacement.

  • Persistent Clogs 

Overflowing bathrooms and clogged washbasin pipes mainly happen due to the blockage from everyday household products like paper napkins, toilet rolls, or female hygiene goods. However, if clogs keep occurring even though you have not been flushing these things down the sewer, this may be a symptom of more prominent issues in your sewer lines that calls for replacement.

If you think you are experiencing these sewer problems, you must promptly call up trustworthy plumbing professionals to inspect and replace your home’s sewer lines. We can always assist you with all your sewer line problems and services for hydro jetting in Long Beach, CA. To book our affordable services, you can call us at (866)-627-9647 or write to us at