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Why Do My Drains Smell Bad?

Why Do My Drains Smell Bad?

You are not alone if a foul odor is emerging from your drains. It is a common issue that almost every homeowner encounters. But what is the root cause? It could be as simple as bacteria or a blockage or a more dangerous problem such as a sewage gas leak. When you detect a fishy smell coming from your pipes, it is imperative to call an expert plumbing contractor in Anaheim, CA, to understand the underlying cause.  

Significant Causes of Smelly Drains

Mentioned hereunder are some prominent reasons why your drain may be stinking.

  • Development of Microbes

Something as basic as bacteria and muck accumulation could be causing the odor. Consider what goes down your pipes, including food, hair, and grime. Hence when those items become lodged in the drain pipes, they might emit a foul odor. 

Smells are frequently associated with obstructions, so it’s a good indication that it’s time to empty your pipes. Eventually, cleaning your drains will get rid of the odour (and slow drains). To guarantee that your ducts get thoroughly cleaned, contact experts for plumbing services in Long Beach

  • P-Trap in Dry Condition

If you haven’t used your drainage in a while, you may only need to run the water and replenish the P-trap to get rid of the odor. A goosenecked segment of pipe is inserted in drain lines to prevent sewer gas from drifting up into the drain. 

The liquid in the trap disappears when the sink is not in use. This clogged drain generates the odor and permits the gas to enter your home. Run a little water through each of your valves once a month to keep P-traps from hardening out.

  • Clogged or Restricted Drain Pipes

You might or might not be aware that your drainage pipes remain linked to a system of ventilation pipes that allow fresh air to enter while allowing wastewater gas and stink to liquidate. This is likewise known as the drain-waste-vent (DWV) system when combined with the outlets. 

Vertical vent pipes typically escape through the ceiling, away from buildings and other vents. Clogs in the main stack can cause a variety of problems, including stinky drains. If you don’t have vent pipes, get in touch with plumbers in Long Beach, California and get them installed.

  • Bad Smell From The Tank

If you notice a strange odor emanating from your basement sump pump, you may be channeling sewage into your sump pump rather than the main sewage drain line. Water from the laundry basket can sometimes get directed into the sump pump to gather and generate a foul odor. 

You can reduce the foul smell by minimizing the number of pipes that drain into your submersible pump. Make sure you have a tight-fitting cap over the top to prevent odors from entering your home. It will also prevent items from going inside and accumulating.

  • Lubrication

If grease or fat gets stuck in your kitchen sink drain, a rotten egg or mold smell can ensue when it gets accumulated. Hence it is crucial not to drain oil down the pipe. Also, to get rid of the greases in drains, pour two teaspoons of baking soda down the sewer, accompanied by vinegar and a kettle of boiling water. This mixture will dissolve the trash while the water washes it away.

  • Garbage Disposition

Food leftovers that are left to suppurate in the kitchen trash compactor will produce a foul odor. A moldy or rotten smell indicates that the waste disposal needs to get cleaned. Run chilled water through the disposal for around 30 seconds. Running ice cubes through the garbage disposal can help remove the food, and tossing in some fresh lemon slices will produce a citrusy odor that will rapidly disguise the prior decay.

  • Drainage System

Installing a suitable drain trap in your new faucet or bathtub is essential to preventing sewer odors from entering your home. There is nothing to prevent the smell from entering your home if it is not present. 

If the measures listed above do not work, or you experienced sewage odors in many drains, the problem is most likely drainage system damage. Hence to rectify these issues, you must seek drain cleaning in Long Beach services.

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