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Why Does My Furnace Smell Bad?

Why Does My Furnace Smell Bad?

It should only make you and your family feel better once your furnace has been turned on. The sensation shouldn’t cause you to curl up into a ball and plug your nose. 

You may need professional attention sooner than later if your home starts smelling foul after running your HVAC system. If you have not used your furnace in some time, a strange smell is common. 

However, it is important to distinguish between simple dust and debris and a more serious problem.

Having A Dirty Furnace

It is normal to smell dust when you run your furnace for the first time after months – for instance, the first time in the winter months. Some dust even smells like it’s burning. Burning dust is actually what causes this smell.

When your furnace isn’t used for months, it begins to collect dust. As soon as it is switched on, dust will circulate and may even burn if it gets hot enough. 

After a few hours of using the product, the smell should go away on its own. If the dust smell persists for days, the furnace may have a problem requiring repair.

A Blocked Furnace Filter

Your furnace might emit an oily smell occasionally if its filter needs to be changed. A professional should inspect your HVAC system to ensure the problem is not serious if the odour persists after the filter is replaced.

Types of Smells

  • Burning Plastic Smell

Burning plastic is not a good smell, and you don’t want to smell it when you are using your furnace. An electrical fire almost certainly causes the smell within the furnace, such as a wiring malfunction. 

A motor in a furnace can also become overworked, which can cause a spark that will ignite plastic or metal. Once you notice this smell, you should turn off your furnace and contact an emergency HVAC contractor. 

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  • Smoky Smell

Occasionally, furnaces can emit a smokey odour. A gas-based furnace emits this smell when oil ignites in an unusually large amount or outside the combustion chamber. 

Spilt oil can also evaporate when you refill your furnace’s oil tank, which is usually not a problem. If you notice a smoky smell, you should turn off your furnace as soon as possible. If the odour does not go away, you should call a technician to find the cause.

  • Rotten Egg Smell

A sense of rotten eggs may indicate a gas leak after your furnace has been turned on. The smell can be strong or faint; if it persists, contact the gas company for assistance. 

The Furnace is Emitting a Chemical Odour

It would be best to not disregard chemical odours at home after turning on the heater. The heat exchanger component may be damaged if the smell reminds you of formaldehyde. To avoid fire or carbon monoxide exposure, you must act immediately.

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