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    Water Heaters in Los Angeles, CA

    Professional Water Heater Installation in Long Beach

    Selecting a New Water Heater

    Whether your water heater is too old or too inefficient, Power Pro Plumbing can guide you towards the perfect replacement. Each type of water heater has pros and cons, and you can trust the professionals at Power Pro Plumbing to help you choose from the best water heaters in Los Angeles, CA.

    Payment Plans Available

    We understand that water heater replacement can be expensive, which is why we accept cash, checks, and credit cards and work with you to create payment plans.

    We also offer water heaters in Los Angeles, CA, that will save you money over time. The more efficient your water heater is, the less you pay in utility costs every month. Water heaters that run more efficiently also last longer and help you protect the environment.

    You have a lot to consider when selecting a new water heater for your home. You should choose a water heating system that will not only provide enough hot water but also do so energy-efficiently, saving you money. This includes considering the different types of water heaters available and determining the right size and fuel source for your home.

    Types of Water Heaters

    As mentioned above, you have several model options when you need to choose a new water heater:

    • Conventional water heaters heat an entire tank of water (between 20 and 80 gallons) and store it until you need it.
    • Tankless/instantaneous water heaters heat water right when you switch on the tap..

    Tankless water heaters are more energy efficient, while conventional water heaters work better for large families.

    Selection Criteria

    There are a few other choices you need to consider before you settle on a model:

    • Fuel source. You can choose between gas, electric, and oil fuels. Each fuel varies in cost and energy efficiency.
    • Unit size. You need a unit that heats the perfect amount of water for your home and household—no more, no less. A large unit wastes energy, and a small unit burns out quickly.
    • Overall efficiency. Our units come with varying levels of energy efficiency. The more energy efficient your model, the more you save per year.

    If you’re ready to choose from our excellent selection of water heaters in Los Angeles, CA, get in touch with us today. Use the form on the right to schedule your appointment.

    Let a certified Power Pro Plumbing technician help you choose the water heater that's right for you. Call us today!