10 Signs Your AC Needs Repair Work

10 Signs Your AC Needs Repair Work

How do you know if you need AC repair Cerritos CA? We all need to keep cool heads in this day and age, so here’s a few tips on how to tell!

10) Misuse or Improper Operation

People can abuse their AC’s just like any other appliance, or they can have a poor set up.  If you have multiple doors or windows open, of course it’s not going to work properly. Close them first and give it a chance for the air to flow properly again. If you’re relying on one AC which is not apart of an HVAC system, the cool air which it generates has to spread out to the rest of your house. Try installing multiple AC’s in different rooms or levels.

9) You Bought It Only A Few Years Ago

More of a factor to consider than a sign. AC’s can get worn and torn from constant use, but not from being turned on after sitting in your closet the whole winter. If it is relatively new and not over 15 years old, you should get it repaired instead of replaced. Your AC system is an investment for your home so put some time and effort into repairing and maintaining it. The exception to this is if somehow the repair work ends up being more than what you paid for the AC itself.

8) The Quality Of Air Has Gone Down Or Humidity Has Gone Up

This is most likely caused by a dirty air filter or coils. Air filters help keep dust from coming indoors, pollen, allergens and helps keep the air from feeling stuffy or smelling stale. Your AC also helps control the humidity in the room, which is one of the key factors in mold growth. The lower the humidity, the more comfortable and accurate the temperature in your house feels.

7) Strange Smells Are Coming From The AC

Your motor can be running so hot that it is creating a burning smell, which is a sign you definitely need to replace your motor. Unless you haven’t emptied your trash can in over a week, or taken a shower, another key smell signal is your AC could have some sort of mold, bacteria, algae or another type of fungus growing inside your AC. These can cause severe allergy attacks for people who are allergic and can cause severe lung issues over a longer period of time. These types of infections inside your AC can give you various difficulties with breathing and are severe health risks if left untouched.

6) You Hear Rattling Or Scratching Noises

There’s more than a few things which could be causing that noise. It could be a bent fan, a loose motor which keeps spinning around, or a few loose screws. Always have an expert technician for air conditioning repair Anaheim. They might sound like simple fixes, but you could potentially make them worse. Instead of a simple bent blade which needs to be back into place or a loose motor spinning around, suddenly you have to spend more money to get those parts replaced.

5) It’s Not Turning On Properly

Your AC is plugged in… but it won’t turn on. You might have an electrical problem. It could be a bad power cord which could simply be replaced or bad internal wiring. Any electrical issues should be fixed as you could end up shortening your AC and then it really will need to be replaced. If you have bad wiring in general in your home, you could potentially make that problem even worse by shortening out your AC.

According to the Department of Energy, another key electrical problem is wires can corrode over time, wear out, or even be caused by faulty fuses or a faulty circuit breaker. Check your circuit breakers and fuses before you blame your AC.

Another possibility is a faulty thermostat. Different AC’s have different thermostats so check to see which one you have. Get emergency AC repair Cerritos CA.

4) Sensor Issues

Some AC’s have a thermostat sensor, this little guy detects the air flowing onto the evaporative coil. Accidently hitting it could just barely skewer it out of place which will cause it to malfunction, especially if you whacked it enough times it now touches the coil. It should be near it, but not directly touching the thing.

3) Faulty Air Ducts

Aside from your air filters being dirty, if your AC also has air ducts

2) Drainage Issues And Other Leaky Water Problems

Your AC shouldn’t be leaking water and not all AC’s have refrigerants. Always hire a trained tech who knows what could be causing the leak to begin with. If your AC does have refrigerants, it could be fixed by more, but then again it could also not fix it. It’s one of those finicky systems. Also, refrigerant leaks can cause harm to your environment.

It’s also important to remember when it gets humid outside, double check whether the condensate drain is clogged and drains the excess humidity.

1) Your Energy Bill Skyrockets

There are many ways your bill can skyrocket, but it’s a safe bet it’s due to your AC. By not properly maintaining your AC you could see a massive bill increase because it has now become an energy hog because an air filter wasn’t replaced, coils cleaned, replaced refrigerant, etc. According to the Department of Energy, cleaning or replacing a clogged air filter can reduce your energy consumption upwards of 15%.

If your AC doesn’t have a programmable thermostat, have one installed! It can reduce your energy bill by another 10%. Checking for leaks in your home whether it is a poorly mounted window or if your air ducts have sections which aren’t sealed can save you another 30% of your energy consumption.

Always have your air conditioner repair Long Beach CA done by a professional. We will ensure your AC runs smoothly and efficiently once again! Call us today and have your AC working like it was made just yesterday!

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