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Speak Joy

What is Speak Joy? It’s a 501(c)(3) charitable not for profit that lends relief and distributes funds as needed from people, here where we live, to causes that may affect an individual, family or community, here where we live! Speak Joy is also about “giving back,” by donating time and experience to others that may need it in Orange County or Los Angeles.

Our mission is to connect one person to another so a need may be met, in order to uplift the spirit of our community.

February 20, 2021

Power Pro is so proud to be part of this beautiful event Speak Joy by 95.9 FM, The Fish held last Saturday, Feb. 20, 2021, at Victory Outreach Church in Santa Ana, CA. Retired USMC Sergeant Frank Orzio from Santa Ana was the highlight of the occasion. His ministry is serving low-income and Native American communities by delivering food. He currently has 300,000 miles on his minivan and it’s in poor condition. He pays for his gas and all of the expenses out of his own pocket. This last year’s circumstances have made it difficult for him to keep up. So, during the event, he got a big surprise and almost tearful when He received $1,500 cash, gas cards, and a Van to help him continue his ministry. Our very own Raul also pledged for free services not only to Frank but also to someone he will choose. Thank you to Darla & Nolan of the Fish, to Victory Outreach Pastor Mario and staff, to all who generously gave donations, their time, and support to Frank and others, all volunteers and workers and to Power Pro Team! See you again next time!

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