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Eventually, your home or business’s drains and sewers will require repair or replacement. If a sewer line is leaking, broken, or cracked, it’s time to contact professional plumbers in Long Beach, California to schedule a sewer line video inspection.

At Power Pro Plumbing, we provide comprehensive drain and sewer repair and replacement in Los Angeles. Whether you have a problem with your kitchen drains or you think you may need to replace the main sewer line as soon as possible, let us investigate the issue and provide you with the best possible solution for your sewer line. If you need drain cleaning in La Mirada, contact us.


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Why Schedule a Sewer Line Camera Inspection?

You should never purchase a property before you have it inspected. There is always a risk of hidden dangers that will cost you in the future. Luckily, advances in plumbing techniques and innovations have greatly increased over the years. Invest in a sewer line video inspection and get peace of mind knowing that your building is safe. We also provide drain cleaning in Long Beach.

Some of the benefits of sewer line inspections include:

  • Finding the Problem: By inserting a camera into your sewer lines, we can get directly to the heart of your problem. Our live feed allows us to hone in on the problem area. This simplifies and speeds up the repair process. ​
  • Getting the Right Treatment: It is much easier to repair an issue that we can see. Our cameras allow us to examine the problem and determine the best, most affordable way to resolve it, including hydro jetting. ​
  • Preventing Future Issues: When our team is able to inspect the damage directly, we can discern the cause of it. This allows us to implement preventative measures to keep the issue from occurring again. ​

Reliable Sewer Repair & Replacement Throughout Los Angeles

If we discover that your sewer line is in need of repairs or even complete replacement, we have the experience to help get your plumbing back in working order in no time. While we can complete sewer line repair & replacement with traditional methods, we are trained & experienced in sewer line repair in Long Beach, CA.

With this method, we are able to keep your landscaping in-tact and avoid many city fines that can come with open cut trench excavation. If it is simply in need of regular sewer cleaning, we are happy to provide this service and get you set up with an annual maintenance plan to help avoid any future issues.

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Our plumbers have worked in the business for nearly two decades. We respond quickly to any problem and we’re available for 7 days of the week emergency services throughout the Los Angeles area. We offer free estimates on any service, just give us a call! Contact us for Anaheim heating and air conditioning services.

At Power Pro Plumbing, our capable plumbers offer sewer line inspections using state-of-the-art technology and top-of-the-line equipment. We have six locations around the state, including in Los Angeles, North O.C., South O.C., Long Beach, South Bay, and Ontario. No matter where you are, you can expect fast, high-quality services as soon as you contact us. Hire emergency plumber in Gardena, CA.

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