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ACIt’s that time of year, soon the cool weather of spring will be replaced with the scathing heat blasts of the summer. Get your AC tuned up with our expert service teams before the heat starts rolling around. If you are in need of a tune up and you happen to live in the Long Beach area of California, then you are in luck! The experts at Power Pro Plumbing know what components to keep an eye on and there are several key components in any air conditioning unit which may need a simple tune up to get it working again. Some units have their own components which need to be looked at.

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The Thermostat

Thermostats can be bumped and suddenly it’s too close to the fan and is getting false readings. By getting your thermostat properly resituated you could be saving a bundle instead of getting it replaced with a new one. Even programmable thermostats need to be re tuned every once in a while to make sure that the settings you have it at doesn’t change from constant use. Everything gets worn out overtime, make sure this key energy and bill saver is still working this year so your AC remains in shape for the next heat wave.

The Compressor

Sometimes the compressor can run out of refrigerant simply from having it on all the time, or it could have sprung a leak and is literally draining your home of cool air by not keeping the evaporator cool and now the compressor is overheating. This is an easy preventable task by keeping it in check every summer, it’s a good idea to know how much coolant your AC has left. That way you can make the right decision for when you need to get the compressor completely replaced when it does run out of coolant.

The Evaporator

Your air conditioners evaporator is what removes the heat and humidity in your home. A faulty evaporator could simply need to be cleaned or have the coils pushed back into place because they got dinged, or they might need to be replaced. If your evaporator isn’t working right, suddenly your home can have a humidity problem and you will shortly experience a growth of mold throughout your home. Mold is extremely dangerous for your lungs, even if you’re not asthmatic so make sure they are functioning correctly!

The Controls For Your Compressor And Fans

Even though these things are installed inside your unit, the controls for your compressor and fans will eventually give way from the constant use and from frequently being turned on and off. This can also happen if your AC wasn’t sized properly, especially if it was oversized, which can cause more wear on your control system. Corrosion can still happen to your wires even when they are safely tucked away, so make sure they get a checkup by a professional.

The Conduits

If your home has a ductless mini-split or a central air conditioner unit, then you have two separate components, One for the inside and one for the outside. They are connected to each other via a conduit. The conduit also happens to house your power cable, the condensate drain, suction tubing, refrigerant tubing. Any one of these could become damaged during your ownership of a split system, so have the wires and conduit checked to see if there has been any damage. If there is, you could be looking at another kind of electrical failure because these wires weren’t properly maintained.

Get A Dehumidifying Heat Pipe

This thing is slowly becoming popular on split air conditioning systems and is especially handy to homes which get too humid. This piece actually helps to extract 91% of humidity in the air compared to the standard models. So if you have one, get it checked so your room doesn’t suffer excessive humidity. If you don’t have one, you can always get one installed!

Check Your AC's Sensors

If you have a standard room/air conditioner, its sensors can occasionally malfunction which will give your AC false readings. If it is even just slightly off, your AC could suddenly stop functioning normally or it could cycle through constantly before it stops. This occurrence is one of the simplest things to check on when it comes to AC’s rather than getting the whole thing repaired or replaced.

Is Your Compressor and Fan Set Right?

Ductless mini-splits and central air conditioning units can be set so both your fan and compressor are in sync and shuts off at the same time. Instead of cooling your home with the central fan, you can cool it by using the circulating fans which were installed into individual rooms. If it wasn’t properly synched when you first got it, you can always have one of our technicians do it for you so you can take advantage of this feature.

Change Or Clean Your Air Filters Every Year

Simply by changing them out every year can help ensure your air conditioner is running at peak efficiency. In fact, you can save anywhere from 5%-15% of your unit’s energy efficiency. You don’t want pollens, dust or other unwanted debris floating into your home, so make sure your air filters are functioning right.

Check The Drainage

No matter what type of AC you have, you will always have a drainage part of your AC. It’s typically attached to a single unit and can easily leak if it is blocked. If you have a split system, the drainage will be on the outside and might be easily overlooked. Your exterior component could get clogged from dirt, mud, leaves, sticks and many other sources of debris so keep it checked and make sure it’s unclogged.

If you think any of these may be causing you undue heating issues in your home, give us a call and our professional teams will get your AC tuned up!

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