Toilet Installation in Cerritos, CA

Toilet Installation in Cerritos, CA

No home or business is complete without the sanitary necessity of a working toilet. Installing a toilet yourself can seem like a good way to save money, but save yourself from the harm and stress by hiring a professional to install your toilet properly. The plumbing specialists at Power Pro Plumbing have the tools and expertise to deliver a stress-free and professional toilet installation. Rely on our professionals for your residential or commercial toilet installation in Cerritos, CA and surrounding areas.

Why Leave Your Toilet Installation to the Professionals?

A do-it-yourself toilet installation may be economical, but if you don’t have the right tools and experience, it can quickly become more than you can handle. If you install the toilet and it leaks, do you know how to fix it? Improper installation can leave your toilet unusable for several days and cause costly water damage. At Power Pro Plumbing, we install your toilet correctly the first time. A professional installation gives you the utmost assurance that the toilet will be leak-free, helping you maintain peace of mind.

The expert plumbers at Power Pro Plumbing have over 30 years of experience in the industry. We use modern tools, experience, and technology to deliver a safe, environmentally friendly, and aesthetically pleasing installation. We install your toilet quickly so you can get on with your life without worrying about a leaking or malfunctioning toilet.

Preparing for Your Toilet Installation

Is your home or business ready for a toilet installation? The best place to start is with a free estimate from our plumbing professionals. We will discuss the ideal solution for your home or business and find a toilet that meets your needs and budget. We can help you find a toilet that conserves water to save on your water bills or a toilet with a safe and comfortable height for seniors. Planning for your installation is easy if your home or business is being built. We will work with your builders to make sure the toilet and plumbing are installed and ready to go when you open the doors. Minimizing any interference for your family or workplace.

When you need a toilet installed in a home or business you are already inhabiting, we will make sure any interruption is minimal, and the installation goes smoothly and quickly. We deliver a stress-free installation, and we won’t leave you without a working toilet. When our work is complete, you will have a 100% working toilet that is safe and sanitary.

How We Install Your Toilet Professionally

The success of your new toilet installation depends on the right plumbing. When our experienced plumbing specialists install your toilet in your home or business, we make sure the plumbing is ready for a successful installation. We take precise measurements and make sure the plumbing fixtures are ready for the installation. The toilet installation begins with the correct wax ring that delivers a leak-free seal. We bolt the base of the toilet to the bathroom floor, using the right tools to deliver a secure base without cracking the delicate porcelain.

A standard toilet base is topped with a bowl and tank. We make sure the tank and bowl are secure and leak-free. We check that the ballcock, flapper, float ball, and other components are damage-free and need no additional adjustment. After a visual inspection from our experienced plumbing specialist, we check that the toilet is secure and not wobbling, and let the toilet fill with water to check for leaks. We pay close attention to the bolts holding the flange and base and make sure the gaskets are holding the seal correctly. Our final inspection includes checking if the toilet flushes, has proper water pressure, and meets your expectations.

If you are having an existing toilet replaced, our plumbing specialists will remove the old toilet and make sure the toilet installation meets the same standards as our new installations. We clean up our materials and make sure your bathroom is ready to use when we leave.

Commercial Installation

Along with our outstanding residential installations, our licensed and experienced plumbers can also install toilets for commercial use. If you are building a new commercial property, expanding, or renovating, our plumbing specialists will deliver a high-quality toilet installation. We can meet the demands of restaurants, retail space, office buildings, and schools. Our plumbers can work with your schedule to finish the installation outside your peak business hours to minimize interruption.

Toilets for commercial use require long-term dependability and water conservation beyond the typical residential toilet. We will deliver a commercial solution that meets your needs, complies with local regulations, and conserves water. We have the resources to install multiple toilets in public restrooms without a long wait time. At Power Pro Plumbing, we give our Priority Business Accounts the advantage of a commercial line of credit, so you have a quick solution.

Trust the Professionals at Power Pro Plumbing

Power Pro Plumbing was founded in 2002 and is backed by professional plumbers with over 30 years in the industry. We are dedicated to customer service, and we always appreciate honest feedback on Google reviews. Our friendly plumbing and HVAC experts have garnered thousands of reviews from satisfied customers. When you rely on our plumbing specialists for your toilet installation in Cerritos, Los Angeles, Ontario, CA, and nearby areas, you get a quick and responsible installation. Our team is equipped with the latest technology, and we are always improving our skills to deliver a better product to our customers. When you trust Power Pro Plumbing, you get a solution at a price that fits your budget. We offer free estimates and financing options to make sure you get the solution you deserve without costing a fortune. We deliver the same service experience with high-quality parts and knowledgeable plumbing specialists for a long-lasting solution, no matter what your budget is.
Find out why more families and businesses in Long Beach trust our service. Contact us at (833) 212-2124 to schedule service or request a free estimate today.
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