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AC Repair & Installation Services In Cerritos, CA


Beat the Heat without Breaking the Bank

If you have lived in Southern California for at least one summer, you know it can get hot down here. Even areas like Cerritos that aren’t too far from the beach can have long days that seem like they just get hotter and hotter and hotter. If you have a faulty AC, then get AC installation in Norwalk, CA. To stay comfortable, you need to be able to retreat to your own home to beat the heat by getting AC service in Cerritos.

The bright summer of California only feels good until you have an AC on which you can lean back. Because without it, the scorching heat of Cerritos, California can burn you down or roast you up. Thankfully, the modern era provides technology to cope with harsh heat strokes through air conditioning units.

Power Pro Plumbing Heating & Air is here to make certain you can always handle whatever the SoCal sun throws at you! We offer comprehensive AC repair in Anaheim, maintenance, and installation services in Cerritos. If there is an issue with your AC unit, then we have a way to correct it.

As AC is an essential summer accessory, any failure in its functioning can disrupt your entire day. However, with our prompt services and affordable prices, you can leave your HVAC-related worries behind.

Call (833) 212-2124 to schedule your AC service in Cerritos. Emergency repairs are available 24/7.

We Are Your HVAC System Caretakers

Air conditioners are a wonderful creation of technology. However, there are times when they fail or lag on performance, which is when they need the utmost care.

HVAC Repair Cerritos, CA, maintenance, and installation are three procedures that an AC requires at some point in time. And as a consumer, you should invest in all three of them in time before it’s too late.

On average, AC maintenance is often overlooked as an unnecessary expense, but it is the most important aspect of a functioning AC. That is why we offer regular AC service in La Mirada, CA.

Our AC Maintenance Program

Your air conditioner, like any other machine, requires regular maintenance to run efficiently and effectively. We offer regular AC tune-ups so that your AC can run efficiently. Moreover, regular AC tune-up in Long Beach, CA reduce AC repairs significantly and increase its efficiency by 15 percent.

Our AC tune-up program includes:

  • Replacement of worn-out components
  • A thorough inspection of your entire AC unit
  • Reliable checkups and repairs
  • Extendible cleaning  

Our maintenance program is known to prolong your AC’s life and lower your energy bills by a certain amount.

Our AC Installation Services

Sometimes when AC damages are intense, a AC replacement in Norwalk does not feel enough. And that is when AC installation comes into play. Our installation services are known to benefit the customers in the following ways:

  • New AC units offer better air quality than your damaged old ones
  • The cooling effect increases significantly
  • You save up a lot on your utility bills

Our AC Service In Cerritos

We can serve all types of AC equipment and extend services in all of its arrays. Some of our most common AC service in Cerritos include:

  • AC filters (cleaning and repairing)
  • Air handler installation
  • Indoor air quality systems
  • Ductless mini-splits
  • Thermostat installation, repair, and maintenance
  • Smart thermostat service

Apart from this, these are the other services that we offer:

  • Heating
  • Plumbing
  • Air conditioning
  • Drain and sewers
  • Water heater

Warning Signs That Your AC Unit Needs Work

Your air conditioning system might be telling you that it needs AC repair in Cerritos, CA or replacement, but are you noticing? Unless you are a trained AC technician, you might miss the common warning signs that something is wrong.

Keep an eye and ear out for these signs of AC problems:

  • You set the cooler temperature, but it is never reached.
  • Hearing strange or loud noises when it is running.
  • You can see a lot of condensation collecting around the AC unit.
  • You notice the AC runs frequently, even on milder days.

There are plenty of components inside your home’s air conditioning system. Pinpointing what went wrong and why is a job you should leave up to our highly trained and courteous HVAC professionals in Cerritos. Power Pro Plumbing is a renowned HVAC and plumbing contractor Cerritos CA.

Depending on what we find when we inspect your AC system, it might be better to replace the unit – especially if it is a decade old or older – than conduct air conditioner repair Long Beach CA. We’ll always give you an honest estimate so you can choose the right service at the right price.

It is our passion to help the people in our communities stay cool on even the worst SoCal summer days, and it shows in every service we complete.

How to Handle AC Malfunctions?

As an experienced entity in the HVAC field, we can sense AC malfunctions even from subtle signs.

So, here are a few ways in which you can get a clue about the subtle signs of damage your AC is indicating. If you observe these signs, it would be best to call us immediately so that we can salvage your AC unit.

  • If the outdoor pipes of your AC unit are clogged or frozen, the airflow will be restricted. So if you feel that your AC isn’t cooling up to its potential, it could be a sign of a clogged pipe.
  • A leaking AC unit is an explicit indication of a malfunctioning evaporator.
  • If your vents deliver warm air, it could be a signal of damaged AC.

In any of the above situations, call us immediately, and our technician would be at your doorsteps within hours. Even are dealing with sewer line repair in Norwalk, CA.

If you are looking for a credible HVAC contractor, contact Power Pro Plumbing at 866-627-9647 for the best AC service in Cerritos.