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Toilet Replacement in Cerritos, CA

Toilet Replacement in Cerritos, CA

Is your toilet unreliable, leaky, or an eyesore in your bathroom? Power Pro Plumbing makes replacing your toilet with a reliable and water-efficient toilet as stress-free and affordable as possible. When you need a commercial or residential toilet replacement in Cerritos, CA and surrounding areas, trust our experienced and well-prepared plumbing specialists to get the job done right the first time.

When Does Your Toilet Require Replacement?

Age may not be a major factor when it comes to replacing your toilet. A toilet that is well maintained can last well over 50 years. So how do you know when it’s time for a toilet replacement? There are several warning signs that you should replace your toilet as soon as possible, including:

  • Cracks in the porcelain: a toilet that is showing hairline cracks could soon leak, causing expensive damage to your floor and lower levels of your home or business. When you see cracks of any kind, a well-trained plumber in Long Beach can diagnose whether it is time to replace the toilet.
  • Surface level scratches: when scratches become noticeable on the surface of your toilet, it may be time to replace it. Scrubbing your toilet for years to keep it clean can result in tiny scratches that eventually become noticeable. The scratches can become deep as dirt digs into them, making it impossible to get a clean finish no matter how hard you scrub. The only way to get a neat and clean appearance is to replace the toilet.
  • Weak flush and constant clogging: when your toilet no longer reliably flushes, it is time to consider an immediate replacement. A toilet that frequently clogs can be a constant inconvenience and poses a flooding hazard if it is backed up. Replace the toilet to get a reliable flush every time.
  • Requires frequent repairs: A toilet that requires frequent repairs can be a disaster waiting to happen. It becomes difficult to find high-quality replacement parts for older toilets, and the cost of repairs can add up quickly. Replace the unreliable toilet with one that you can count on to work continuously without needing frequent repairs.

Are there any other reasons to replace your toilet? A toilet that uses too much water can cost you on your water bills or drain your well. It is best to replace your toilet with an environmentally conscious model that will conserve water and save you money. The cost of the replacement can be offset by the savings on your water bill over the years. Home and business owners often want to replace a toilet for cosmetic or personal reasons, such as getting the right color to match a bathroom renovation or finding a comfortable toilet that is set lower for seniors.

Commercial Toilet Replacement

Whether you are expanding, remodeling, or replacing the toilets and urinals in a commercial restroom, Power Pro Plumbing is a renowned plumbing company in Long Beach, CA and has the expertise and equipment. We will make sure your toilet replacement is stress-free, quick, and responsible. With a team of over 100 out of three locations, we can complete large-scale replacements. We can remove the old toilets and replace them with clean and efficient new toilets. Our licensed plumbers keep up to date on local regulations, and we use parts from reliable brands for a lasting replacement.

In addition to our affordable and upfront pricing, we offer our commercial customers a more quick and affordable solution through our priority business account application. A quick consultation with our business specialists will help you take part in these benefits.

Why Rely on the Professionals at Power Pro Plumbing for Your Toilet Replacement?

Replacing a toilet can be more complex than you expect, and it can easily overwhelm the average home or business owner. It is best to trust the expertise of the professionals for a smooth replacement. Also if your sewer line is broken or needs repairing then contact us for sewer line repair in Long Beach, CA.

The first step in replacing the toilet is removing the old toilet. Toilets can be heavy, and we must shut off the water supply before removing the water in the toilet. We unbolt and remove the tank. Our plumbers will remove the nuts securing the base to the floor and lift the base and bowl. We take care to avoid getting the floor wet and haul the bowl and tank away. Finally, we remove the wax ring between the base and sewage line.

When we have removed the old toilet, the replacement process can begin. We replace the flange along with the wax ring. It is critical to get the right size wax ring for a tight and leak-free seal. We mount the base on top of the wax ring and secure the bolts to the floor carefully, to avoid damaging the porcelain. Next, we install the tank and secure it with bolts. Finally, we attach the water supply and check the toilet for leaks. We leave your home or business clean and make sure the toilet is ready and working reliably.

Power Pro Plumbing Is on Your Side

At Power Pro Plumbing, you get powerful, professional, and affordable service every time. We have been satisfying families and businesses in the Long Beach area with outstanding service for over 15 years. In that time, we have built a reputation, receiving over 1000 reviews from satisfied customers on Google reviews, and using the feedback to improve our services. Our local business gives back to the community through events and donations.

We offer 24/7 emergency service, so you have a reliable service night or day. Whenever possible, we keep our response time under 45 minutes, so your help will arrive quickly. Our plumbers are always clean, friendly, and ready to help. If your garbage disposal needs repairing, contact experts for garbage disposal repair in Cerritos, CA. We use innovative technology, and our plumbers are always learning to improve our services and make calling our plumbers more convenient for you. We offer financing options so that you can get the replacement toilet you expect, no matter what your budget may be.

If you are looking for a professional toilet replacement in Cerritos, Ontario, Los Angeles, South Bay, Orange County, CA, and surrounding areas, rely on Power Pro Plumbing to deliver peace of mind. Contact the Power Pro Team at (833) 212-2124 to schedule your service appointment or request a free estimate today.