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Effective Drain Clearing for Stubborn Clogs

Hydro jetting is a type of drain cleaning in Long Beach that involves the use of a powerful stream of water that is pushed through drains and pipes to clear away stubborn clogs. Our plumbers are highly experienced and professionally trained in this state-of-the-art technology. They make sure that your drains are free and clear of debris with the help of hydro-jetting in Long Beach, CA.

We offer 24-hour emergency services and never charge extra for holidays, nights, or weekends throughout the greater LA area. Power Pro Plumbing offers cutting-edge drain cleaning solutions for homes and businesses throughout Los Angeles, Long Beach, Ontario, the South Bay, and Orange County.

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How Does Hydro-Jetting Work?

Over time, sludge and grime can build up in sewer lines, leading to blockages. Tree roots can also invade pipes, causing serious clogs. When these blockages are very far down a pipe or particularly difficult to remove, hydro-jetting in Long Beach, CA provides an ideal solution.

How the hydro-jetting process works:

  • First, our professional plumbing technicians will conduct an inspection of your home or business’s pipes in order to locate the clog/blockage. We may conduct a video inspection in order to pinpoint the blockage’s exact location and make sure that pipes are not weakened.
  • If tree roots are causing the blockage, we may need to first break them up somewhat using a traditional plumbing snake. This will depend on the severity and location of the clog.
  • Next, our technicians will insert the hydro-jetting system—consisting of a long hose affixed with a special, high-powered nozzle—into the pipe.
  • The hydro-jetting system sends a blast of high-pressure water (typically about 4,000 pressure per square inch, or psi) through the pipe. This jet of water is strong enough to blast through tough clogs and blockages caused by tree roots and other debris.

Benefits of Hydro Jetting Drain Cleaning

While it is not necessary for every minor clog, hydro-jetting in Cerritos, CA and the surrounding areas. We offer a number of benefits when compared to traditional snaking methods of drain cleaning.

Some of the benefits of hydro-jetting include:

  • Completely clears pipes, rather than just removing the bulk of the blockage
  • Removes all types of debris, buildups, and clogs/blockages
  • Effectively eliminates even very stubborn and/or serious blockages
  • Clears pipes relatively quickly when compared to traditional methods
  • Effective on and safe for all types of pipes and sewer lines
  • Does not cause any damage to drains, pipes, or sewer lines
  • Particularly ideal for commercial drain cleaning

When You Should Not Use Hydro Jetting?

Despite its many benefits, hydro jetting should not be used in certain cases. If you own a home or property that has older, fragile pipes, hydro-jetting could ultimately end up causing more damage. It is also not suitable when you have crack in your pipes. In this case, you should call experts for sewer line repair Cerritos, CA.

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