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Residential heat pumps are highly effective home appliances used in different seasons for homeowners’ cooling and heating needs. When it is set to heating mode, it generates heat by extracting heat present in the air and transferring it inside your home. When it is set to cooling mode, it collects humidity from your home, transfers it outside, and fills your home with cool air.

When you wish to invest in a residential heat pump for your home, you should learn almost everything about the different heat pumps available on the market to decide on the best heat pump you can use for sufficient heating at your home. Also, you must know that these appliances need maintenance from time to time. You can expect to get the best service for a heating tune-up in Cerritos at your home and resolve several minor problems you might have been dealing with due to your residential heat pump. Maintenance is crucial as it covers cleaning your heat pump and making it run efficiently without giving you problems in the near future to help you save money.

• Fuel Source

The furnace in the heat pump can run on different types of energy sources, such as gas, oil, and electricity. However, there are many cities across the US where these natural resources might not be available. Therefore, electricity-powered heat pumps are very common in homes. There are some other alternatives, too, such as a heat strip central heater, which generates heat using resistance heating instead of transferring heat from external sources. Homeowners that have access to electricity as the only source of power prefer heat pumps.

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• Heat Pump Operation

Electric heat pumps use electricity to run the compressor and blower, and for heat-sourcing purposes, they use external sources. For instance, heat pumps that use air as a source of heat are commonly found in most US homes, but there are different heat pump models that use geothermal energy and water as a source.

  • Heat pumps use a compressed gas refrigerant to function.
  • Typical components of a heat pump include the compressor unit, heat exchangers, and the reversing valve.
  • The indoor unit where the air is controlled contains the blower, evaporator coils, and the controlling system packed in a housing cabinet.
  • There’s an air distribution process that uses a forced air system to transfer and distribute cool or warm air across the home via ducts.
  • Heat pumps can also be used as split systems (without ducts).

Heat pumps are crucial appliances used in both summer and winter seasons, and to operate them properly, you may read the user manual about the best tips for utilization. Heat pumps work well with lower energy consumption if you keep them maintained by cleaning their filter and getting maintenance service work regularly from excellent heat pump technicians. With optimum maintenance, you may not only avoid the costly heating repair in Anaheim, but also increase its lifespan.

• Heat Pump Maintenance

Heat pump maintenance is important to get sufficient heating or cooling in your home for a long period of time. The following are the steps taken during a heat pump maintenance service.

Filter cleaning or replacement – Depending upon your heat pump, it might have a washable air filter or replaceable filter. Regardless of the maintenance schedule, you should clean or replace the air filter every 2 to 3 months.

Checking refrigerant level – Maintenance service professionals will inspect your heat pump’s refrigerant level as it should be set to a particular level (low levels can result in energy wastage, while high levels can be dangerous).

Checking and lubricating mechanical parts – Moving parts like fans are lubricated for smooth functioning, making the least noise and reducing the load on the heat pump.

Fixing minor electrical connection issues – Tightening loose wiring connections is also a crucial part of heat pump maintenance.

Cleaning the coils and the outdoor unit – Coils inside the heat pump systems get dirty over time. Professionals, during maintenance service, clean these coils and the outdoor unit thoroughly.

Heat Pump Repair

If you keep your heat pump maintained by professionals, there are very few chances that it will need repair in the near future. However, you might also not be aware when your heat pump breaks down. Therefore, when it happens, you are advised to contact a trusted company offering quality heating services in Long Beach, CA. Heat pump repair costs can vary according to the type, model, and manufacturer of the unit, as well as the condition of the broken heat pump.

When you are in need of solutions to your concerns regarding heat pumps, you can connect with a reliable HVAC company. They are professionals and will provide you with true information, guidance, and support. You spend a lot when you buy a heat pump; therefore, it is great to have a reliable professional on your side while you make important decisions, such as buying a new heat pump or replacing an old one.

At Power Pro Plumbing, we are always ready to help you choose the best heat pump for your home, and we offer the best heat pump maintenance plans and repair services. You can contact us to share your needs or directly speak with one of our customer care representatives by dialing 866-627-9647.