How Does Trenchless Sewer Line Repair Work?

How Does Trenchless Sewer Line Repair Work?

A conventional, trenched sewer repair needs plumbers to dig a huge trench in your lawn. They have to cut through your well-manicured yard and glorious landscaping to remove the worn-out sewer line and rehabilitate it with a new one.

Steps Involved in Sewer Line Repair

Apart from being messy and unappealing, trenched sewer repair can also badly damage the root systems of trees in your lawn, which can kill the trees and basically destroy the landscape you’ve invested so much money and time to achieve.

  • Initial Inspection: Before any work can commence on your existing sewer line, the line must be examined by a special camera. This big, flexible tool is snaked into the pipe via a drain in your residence. The video feed gives the plumber an indication of the sewer line length and the degree of any damage.
  • Line Clearing: Sewer pipe is easily obtainable from the shallowest point, common in your foundation or an enclosure just outside your residence. The host pipe is then flushed out with a hydro-jet, and any debris left is cleared out with an automated plumbing tool during the drain cleaning in Long Beach, CA.
  • Pipe Relining: When the sewer line is evident, the new pipe lining is put into the sewer and left to alleviate. This new liner is known as the cured-in-place pipe or CIPP. CIPP is made from a resin that solidifies and restores your former, damaged sewer line. Very little excavation is required for this task since only some part of the sewer line has to be accessed to perform trenchless pipe repair.
  • Gentle on Your Property: With the trenchless sewer line repair, your current plumbing cleanout and small access points are tapped to rehabilitate your drainage pipes from the inside. With trenchless repair, the drastic consequences on your property are very limited.
  • Final Inspection: After the new sewer line is given time to cure, a sewer line inspection is conducted with a camera to ensure that the repair was completed properly. If all is good, service can be returned to your residence, and your new sewer line can be used instantly. One of the most notable benefits of trenchless sewer pipe repair is that it can often be conducted within 24 hours.
    If a pipe is too poorly busted to reline, it can be totally replaced using a method known as pipe bursting. In this process, a cone-shaped bit is pulled through the old pipe. It destroys the existing pipe while a new pipe is laid in place just behind, which needs more time and effort than remaining. However, this is still far less intrusive than digging a trench to replace a worn-out pipe.

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