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How to Clean a Sump Pump?

How to Clean a Sump Pump?

Sump pumps have become a common household appliance these days due to their excellent role in preventing flooding in our homes after heavy storms and rainfall. However, a sump pump is typically installed in the basement, in a pit, which can collect soil particles, dirt, and debris over time.

Cleaning your sump pump once or twice a year or as required helps keep it maintained and less vulnerable to damage or malfunction. If you are looking for a plumber in Norwalk for sump pump cleaning, our professional plumbers can answer any of your questions or concerns.

Here are Five Steps to Clean Your Sump Pump

Collect the Essentials

In order to clean the sump pump effectively, you will need some tools and objects for the best cleaning results. Depending on how you clean it, you will need a plastic sheet or a bucket, a scraper (or any other tool to scrape down debris), a garden hose, and a vacuum cleaner (dry or wet).

Prepare For It

Choose a dry, sunny day for the sump pump cleaning to avoid interruptions. First, ensure there’s no water usage that can drain down to the sump pump pit while you clean it. After that, turn off its power supply and unplug the sump pump.

Wrap a plastic sheet around it to avoid creating a mess and slowly pull it out of the pit. You could also pull it out and place it in a well-sized bucket if you don’t have plastic sheets.

Clean It Thoroughly

You might have gotten cleaning instructions from professionals during the sump pump installation in La Mirada. If not, here’s how you go ahead. It’s time you use the garden hose to spray water on your sump pump. Use the scraper to put off the gunk, and then rinse it well.

Post scraping and rinsing, spray more water to make sure you don’t leave a grain of soil on it because you would see it again after months.

Clean the Sump Pit

Once done with sump pump cleaning, turn on your vacuum cleaner and pull off all the water left in the sump pit. Whether you use a plastic sheet or not, you can use the vacuum cleaner to clear the area if it has become messy.

Connect As It Was

Reconnect the sump pump carefully, place it inside the pit, and turn on the breaker, ensuring it gets the power supply. Check it once it gets water to throw out.

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